Good Cuddler Rapport

Let us be at the top of the basics of developing a good rapport relationships with others and be a good cuddler or cuddle buddy.

In short, it is necessary to ask questions, to have a positive, open attitude, to encourage an open exchange of communications (both verbal and unspeakable), to listen to verbal and unspeakable communications and to share positive feedback.

Here are the important details of each step:


The Building Report is close to interviewing someone for opening a job, or it can be like a journalist searching for a story.

Relax and get to know the other person with the intention of finding common ground or items of interest. You can begin by simply commenting on the choice of other people’s clothes, if they are in person, or on their computer, if they are online, and by following up on related questions.

For example, in person, you could compliment the other person on their choice of color and or maybe a pin, ring or other piece of jewelry and ask where they came from.

You can praise the other individuals in online communication, smile faces or whatever, say the conversation is friendly and ask them if they write a lot.

After that, essentially, you can clear of topics that might attract or trigger discussion and lead the individual slowly to common ground.


Have a good attitude, leave home (or in a cabinet, when you are out) with social marks. 

Many can tell you immediately whether you feel negative or superior. 

And treat others as you want to be treated. Give everyone a chance.


Encourage others to share your experiences. Some are shy, fearful and unaware of the opportunities to talk and accept. There is therefore an interaction with the language of the body and the verbal communication. Open your arms to the other person, look carefully (within your eyes not gazing or staring) and speak to them with a warm smile.


Be a listener that’s engaged. Don’t dwell on what you’re going to say next. Listen to what the other person says and take your cues, when remembering the language of your body.

For example, when someone else folds his arms and sounds irritated, the subject may be changed or space and distance are required, maybe try to approach him later and make an excuse to go and make a telephone call (head to the buffet table or escape somewhere).

If the other person leans towards you, on the other hand, imitate each of your words and connect to you as if you were old friends, BINGO. You have created a relationship!


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Hello, This is Matis and I am new. I am excited to share my journey and experience. I am a longtime sufferer of family trauma and social trauma. I am a survivor. I contacted a cuddle buddy Karis. I am going to meet up with them Wednesday at my space. I am excited to meet a new supportive friend. I have been to therapy and building my confidence with support groups. I am out as an intersex individual. I hope I can find great connections and build my support system. I found out about this through Facebook groups and the senior resources book senior blue book in my community. I am disabled. I have chronic health conditions. I am hoping to benefit with pain relief and someone to Talk with. I am excited to share this opportunity and I hope to make more friends in the future maybe even finally attend a cuddle party eventually. I have worked hard on setting boundaries and communication. So I finally know i am ready to reach-out and connect with others. I have been working on having more platonic relationships and making new friends. I am hopeful this will be a better experience than dating sites have been. I know that is not what Cuddling is about. I have always been a people person and a hugger. So i already have some good experience. I am also having hip surgery in the near future so i am hopeful this can be a part of my healing experience. I appreciate being able too share my experience with others here and look forward too writing more about my cuddles. at the moment my companion and service emotional support animal Krona puppy is my cuddle buddy.

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Snuggle Buddy

Cuddle Buddy handbook from is full of visually rich illustrations. Cuddle Buddy is a nice little handbook of most intimate, caring, affectionate, and warmth filled therapeutic snuggle positions or cuddle positions. Book has 6 different Parts with over total of 60 different cuddling positions or snuggle positions for everyone.

Now available on AMAZON Kindle and Print Book.

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PART I: Therapeutic Calming Cuddle Positions
PART II: Affectionate Bonding Snuggle Positions
PART III: Warmth & Care Cuddle Positions
PART IV: Connect & Communicate Snuggle Positions
PART V: Intimate Nuzzle Positions
PART VI: Sensual Cuddle Positions

Below is the list of all visually rich cuddle positions that the book has to offer:

The Spoon Cuddle Position
The half-spoon Cuddle Position
Overlapping Cuddle Position
The butt Cheek-to-Cheek Cuddle Position
Star Gazers Cuddle Position
Lap Pillow Cuddle Position
Stretch Hold Cuddle Position
Tree Hold Cuddle Position
Deep Connect Cuddle Position
Pleasure Hold Cuddle Position
Melting Tango Cuddle Position
Comfy Lap Chair Cuddle Position
Morning Nector Cuddle Position
T-We Time Cuddle Position
Lap of Comfort Cuddle Position
Tuck Bond Cuddle Position
Lean Together Cuddle Position
Head over Toes Cuddle Position
Rocking Together Cuddle Position
I got your back Cuddle Position
Tickle or Treat Cuddle Position
The X Factor Cuddle Position
Pet Style Cuddle Position
Gangnam Style Cuddle Position
Sliding Snuggle Cuddle Position
Forking Cuddle Position
Rest-on Cuddle Position
Royal Hug Cuddle Position
Spork Cuddle Position
Cuddle Hood Cuddle Position
Aeroplane Hug Cuddle Position
Spacious Comfort Cuddle Position
T-Time Cuddle Position
Connect Together Cuddle Position
Karate Kids Cuddle Position
Grabber Hug Cuddle Position
Comfort Zone Cuddle Position
Cuddle Hangout Cuddle Position
Come to Mama Cuddle Position
Cloud 9 Cuddle Position
DA Comfy Cuddle Position
Crane Hug Cuddle Position
Shield Cuddle Position
Wrapper Snuggle Cuddle Position
Latch ON Cuddle Position
Shoulder Roll Cuddle Position
Face ME Cuddle Position
Surfing Snugglers Cuddle Position
Face 69 Cuddle Position
Times Together Cuddle Position
Care Healer Cuddle Position
Hug it Away Cuddle Position
Healer’s Touch Cuddle Position
Hold Me Cuddle Position
Nuzzle Cuddle Position
All is Well Cuddle Position
Stack Bond Cuddle Position
Come to Papa Cuddle Position
Hearty Healer Cuddle Position
Entangled Cuddle Position
Bellula Cuddle Position

This book is dedicated to all who celebrate the value of Snuggles or Cuddles, Touch, Hugs, and Affectionate Bonding!

The world is a better place thanks to people who value the importance of touch, hugs, cuddles, warmth, care, and affectionate bonding in life. What makes it even better are people who share this gift of touch in various forms with others. Thank you to everyone (Parents, Couples, Friends/Buddies, and more) who are striving to spread this and help others across the world.

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Give your mother a hug!

Mothers are special, they play a key role in everyone’s life. From sister to daughter to wife to sister-in-law, the mother is certainly the key role of any woman’s life. Someone said it just right, “I could save the world if given a chance to mother it”. In the honor of motherhood, Mother’s Day is celebrated on every second Saturday of May.

Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Well, there are limitless numbers of reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day let alone the fact that our mother gave us birth and might be the only being to love us with the bottom of her heart. Following are some reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day by all means:

  • If it weren’t for your mother, you wouldn’t be breathing right now. Thereby, we should allocate a day for her and thank her for everything she has done from birth till the day.
  • Mother is the backbone of any family. In any case, she’d remain calm, strong, and wise to aid in the well-being of the family – keeping her children from getting hurt.
  • To be honest, mothers work hard 365 days a year for the well-being of their children – trying hard to make their lives better than hers. Thus, Mother’s Day shows a sign of affection, love, and care for the one who celebrates children day the other 364 days of the year.

The bond between a child and mother is certainly the strongest of all kinds. After birth till death, every loving interaction with mom means everything for both mother and child. From a pleasant familiar smell to a gentle touch, children inherit their mom’s qualities.

Bond Between Child and Mother

According to several studies, it was found that by the age three, 85% brain of an infant is developed all by the gentle care and touch of a loving mom. This is one of the main reasons why a mother’s touch in the form of cuddle, kiss, and care is necessary for the complete and effective growth of the child.

“A mother’s touch magically can-do wonders for her babies.”

Moreover, a mother’s touch is one of the most soothing and healthy thing children receive after birth. Remember the feeling when we just want a hug? Well, in addition to some emotional circumstances, it is proved that human is fond of love in the form of touch, kiss, cuddle, and hugs from loved ones. A mother said, “I love every moment of love I receive from my babies from birth until now”.

Wish Her Happy Mother’s Day Now!

Consider it science or mother’s love, she is certainly the best, most-loveable, and caring being we can trust all our life. It is somewhat our responsibility to find time from our busy schedules and wish her a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”. And trust me, this simple gesture would make her happy enough to love you infinite times over.

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

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Power of Touch Book on Amazon Production & Publications announces launch of their first book Touch the unspoken: redefining relationships. This book is one of the most valuable and insightful book on TOUCH (,cuddles, and more). It’s a very enjoyable and fun read for everyone. Book is now Available on Amazon Kindle and available as Paperback print book on Amazon Store. More specifically, this book has 4 key sections:

I. Science (and power) of Touch

The very moment of our existence on this planet to the last day of our journey on this planet, touch acts as a very core aspect of our life & experiences — directly impacting our emotional health, physical being, mental soundness, and driving the way how our lives are shaped.

II. Art of Touch (, cuddles & more)

With one of the sections dedicated to over 50 cuddling positions for everyone with visually rich and intimate images. Whether it is Couples or Platonic Partners or Professional Therapists, it’s a valuable read for all!

III. Bonus Section: Cuddle Friendship & Beyond

IV. Bonus Section: Guidelines and Insights into the Emerging Cuddle Industry

The importance of touch and its impact on our lives can’t be overemphasized. From childhood up to our adult lives, touch has a role in shaping us. Many people’s lives have been radically destabilized with the absence of touch while others have been shaped to happiness with its presence. What can be more medicinal to our mental health than given the appropriate amount of touch? This Book is meant for but not limited to:

➢ Touch-deprived folks
➢ Married Couples – Trying to improve their relationship
➢ Dating Couples – Trying to determine if they are the right for each other to move forward in life with a long-term relationship
➢ Individuals who do not seek a committed relationship
➢ Individuals who seek Platonic Friendships
➢ Individuals curious and interested in about Experiencing Touch and Cuddles
➢ Individuals who are experiencing Stress, Anxiety, and other health issues
➢ Touch and Wellness Professionals
➢ Touch and Cuddle Enthusiasts
➢ Parents

There is a position for that! We all know that there isn’t truly a right or wrong way to cuddle, but this book covers some of the most wonderful cuddling positions to help pave the way to an epic cuddling session! Whether it is Couples or Platonic Partners or Professional Cuddlers or Touch Therapist, this fun and informational book is catered towards all.

Cuddling is more intimate than a romantic date or even more than sex. Cuddling is bonding, warmth and care giving. With a simple act of spreading your arms to give an embracing hug to your cuddle buddy, you can be joined together in such an intense bond that may not be best described in words. The genuine touch says it all! Be it with your partner, cuddle professional, cuddle enthusiast, cuddle therapist, your favorite four-legged friend, or a comfy body support pillow, cuddling is an awesome way to de-stress and create intimacy.

But there’s more to cuddling than simply wrapping your arms around someone and holding tight. Cuddling is a bonding language all its own.Fortunately, cuddling is one of the best ways to acquire this appropriate amount of touch. If you are married or in long-term relationship, you should communicate with your partner mutual touch needs. Keeping your life partner in dark about your touch needs and getting your touch needs fulfilled outside may not be the right solution. If you are not in any relationship, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the required of touch you need. There are cuddle enthusiasts and cuddle professionals that are emerging in today’s world who have similar desire to connect and cuddle responsibly. is one such online platform for wellness oriented platonic touch and cuddles. Helping connect people with touch needs.

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