Is Platonic Cuddling for you? Who Benefits from Platonic Cuddles?

Interested to learn more about Touch Practitioners aka Cuddle Therapist and Cuddle Empaths ? – Meet Cuddler Empath and learn a bit about this empath and also what touch therapy is all about! Our quick virtual interview with CuddlerEmpath89 that we hope you will find valuable !

1. Why did you choose Professional Cuddling?

Professional Cuddling fits with the core of who I am & my philosophy, my personal gifts and my professional qualifications skills & experience – I have a lot to offer in this area. I love to combine areas of wellness. I believe healing and well-being takes a multi function approach. I personally know how being touch-deprived negatively affects your wellbeing. I believe in the scientifically proven and suggested impact. I want to give back, share what I believe works and educate. Providing professional cuddles is a practical and meaningful way to do this, it just fits.

2. In your own words express how you can help your clients?

Through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of platonic touch / professional-cuddling. Through the scientifically proven health benefits in all of the above areas. Through my natural gifts and professional skills I already and uniquely possess. By combining services to offer them additional powerful healing and improving their well-being. Building confidence, healing trauma, improving communication skills, improving their relationships, self-growth and empowerment. Emotional support and basic human attention & care. 

3. Who in your opinion are your ideal clients? 

I strive to be inclusive to everyone and everyone benefits. Ideal clients are 1. Chronic illness clients ie fibromyalgia 2. Disabled / intellectual disability clients ie neurological conditions, austism spectrum 3. Mental illness clients ie anxiety & depression 4. Single, divorced or touch deprived 5. Elderly clients. 6. Clients with confidence, social issues 
Each will recieve unique benefits and would also benefit from individually tailored sessions. 

4. What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling?

I’m enthusiastic, bubbly, excellent people skills, empathetic, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, natural with touch. 
I’m a qualified health professional (Occupational Therapist) of 8+ years and in health care / customer service industry for 16+ years. I am highly skilled in communication, motivational nterviewing, functional assessment, behaviour change, pain management, rehabilitation, well-being. I’m a disability expert. 
I am doing further study towards life coaching, health & wellness coaching, relationships & Intimacy, mental health, exercise & nutrition, massage techniques, mindfulness & meditation etc. 

What sets me apart is offering the professional cuddling experience with other calming and healing elements like compassionate active listening, mindfulness, aromatherapy, hand or facial massage techniques, forest bathing and other outdoor options like camping cuddles. 

5. Introduce yourself as a Professional Cuddler

I’m CuddlerEmpath89, a health professional, wellness advocate and Professional Cuddler. I believe in the power of human physical platonic touch. I believe the world is deprived of one of the most natural, healing therapies out there and that everyone can benefit. Touch has been scientifically proven to improve multiple areas of your emotional, psychological and psychological health. Natural healing hormones are released, stress is reduced and even aides in illness prevention & anti-aging. 

6. What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?

Firstly establishing the clients (and your own) physical and mental/emotional boundaries – ie areas of the body, language, triggers etc. Establishing the process of communication to manage changes of boundaries. Managing sexual and emotional boundaries / expectations. Considering and reviewing the attachment, depencey, addiction risk and mental wellbeing of both involved. Always put the client and your well-being first. 

7. How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?

Initially during pre-session communication (initial phone interview and at start of session) – I will reiterate the service is platonic, why, and outcomes of any sexual or inappropriate language / behaviour. If such behaviour rises during the session, I will immediately acknowledge it via a warning or an immediate end to the session. I will also ensure the client follows contractual processes like the client agreement, waiver etc. I will ensure my clothing, the environment and language is non sexually suggestive. 

8. How you see yourself contributing to cuddle community?

Being a successful, professional advocate for professional cuddling. Getting the word out there and growing my local community (New Zealand) access to professional cuddling services. Creating events to expand my reach and impact. Creating accessible options. Providing an addition or alternative (whilst I still encourage other professional services ie psychology) – I want to reach those clients who would be alone otherwise. Mental illness is rampant and growing such an industry makes so much sense! 

9. Share something that describes you as an individual

I personally have been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions, I have a personal journey towards pain management, recovery and rehabilitation over the years. I have learnt so much personally and professionally towards wellbeing that I want to create businesses that include the most powerful tools for others. I know what it’s like to be bed bound, in pain, completely alone. Nobody deserves that. Everyone deserves unconditional love, respect, appreciation, affection and to be held / heard / seen and a strong quality of life / wellness. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

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Interview with Enthusiast Cuddler

As part of our interview series we get an opportunity to share experiences of our most valued professional cuddle therapist and enthusiast cuddlers of our cuddle community!

Today we are going to share some most intriguing cuddling insights from one of our enthusiast cuddlers of our cuddling community – Choices Vital

Tell us about your experience as an enthusiast cuddler, and what pre-pandemic cuddling looked like for you?

I have been more of an enthusiast cuddler and over several years I have met tons of professional cuddlers or even enthusiast cuddle buddies.

Professional Cuddling remains to be an emerging discipline.

Professional Cuddling as a discipline involves one primary ingredient and that is TOUCH! Touch therapy is an important aspect of Professional Cuddling. Although, given the discipline is emerging and evolving, other aspects of professional cuddling involves listening, talking, sharing, and connectedness.

For me specifically, any session is primarily dominated with aspects of touch based therapy but at the same time there is another important aspect for non-so touch oriented elements that helps me is the connectedness during any session. I have been able to mostly enjoy all my sessions with professional cuddlers who are being present for me, talk to me, share with me and just be there with me! That might sound bit all about me needing lot of attention! Well the fact of the matter is, yes being a care giver and out there helping multiple people, it drains me significantly that I do need the me time and with professional cuddlers, I am fortunate to get that needed attention and care!

One important thing, I have been personally volunteering at some of the Elder Care centers where I have gone and met with Elderly who live alone and are lonely. I tend to spend time connected with them. With them it is less about touch therapy and more about being present for them! Reason I emphasize this for building awareness about professional cuddling is therapy for lonely people of all ages, touch-deprived people of all ages, singles who are looking for connection without getting into a commitment relationship! It’s a platonic wellness discipline!

What is the importance of in-person cuddles?

We as humans are touchy-feely individuals with few exceptions! We are huggers! There is a reason we tend to have pets like dogs or cats or any other fluffy pets! We like warmth! So in-person cuddles is the key ingredient for a true genuine act of wellness.

How your cuddle experience changed under lockdown, and how you adapted to the loss of in-person intimacy?

Maybe I am speaking for the entire cuddle community out there but I am pretty sure it was a big shocker for all whether it is Enthusiast Cuddlers or Professional Cuddlers! We are all touchy-feely individuals! For any professional cuddler or Enthusiast cuddler – touch giving or receiving is one of their needs for well-being! Only a hugger can understand truly what it means to be suddenly not able to hug anyone due to social distancing.
In all honesty nothing can replace the in-person intimacy and connection! There is nothing sexual about it! People at times tend to mix intimacy with sex! There are various aspects of intimacy! For lack of words, platonic wellness cuddling is probably an affectionate & care form of intimacy than anything else. 
There is no true adapting to loss of in-person intimacy when it comes to me! Although, for sure there are people out there who have achieved a next level of maturity without the need for physical connection. But for me, there is a big learning curve out there to reach that level of maturity 🙂 !!

In-fact it is scary to even think of a world without in-person intimacy. It will be probably the most unhealthy world down the line OR if we are fortunate we all will turn into spiritually uplifted beings! Those are the two extremes I see, there won’t be an in-between! 🙂 !

Said that, I did for sure took this as an opportunity to explore some other aspects of wellness therapy involved listening, talking, sharing, and being connected with someone for a cause! So that was/is the temporary adaptation for me I guess! I will emphasize again I truly hope it’s temporary situation till there is a vaccine out there or herd immunity developed!

Although, I do know that in-person touch wellness is resuming but with a lot of precaution and care!  While hopefully ensuring abiding to the pandemic guidelines and protocols! I guess at some point we all will have to realize that folks who are within the cuddling community as enthusiasts or professionals cannot stay virtually connected for a longer time, physical in-person connection is like food for them!! This physical connection can be in the form of any kind of relationship, not necessarily a sort of romantic or couple kind. It is mostly buddy bonding kind!

What digital cuddles look like for you, and what you think you have/haven’t been able to accomplish while being limited by digital tools?

Honestly speaking, there isn’t truly anything like digital cuddling! It’s nothing less than faking ourselves probably unless you are part of the community that has matured to that level! It’s a boon for those who found their leap!

Said that, there is probably a digital connection for lack of words! and even the concept of self-cuddling that is evolving more prominently with the combination of digital connection!

What I am observing amongst the cuddle community like is lots of cuddlers professionals or enthusiasts that during the pandemic times, they are finding creative ways to stay connected with each other across the world! Infact, one of the most visible thing that has become in the community is that geographical barriers are in a way broken. Lots of members across the world have been reaching out to me at least and I am doing the same giving an opportunity to now connect with each other across states, countries and even continents. I am noticing there is more openness now amongst non-local members who are willingly engaging with me even though I am not local to them. I guess we all are taking advantage of Virtual Buddy Connection concept. It’s all good experimental thing for me and worth trying while I am limited with my physical connections!

Professionals are now not limited to just connect with people locally but now they can connect virtually with anyone. Indeed no physical in-person connection can be established but instead it is getting replaced with Lot of Virtual meet and sessions in form of Talk, Listen, Share, Connect, Exchange Messages, and one important aspect Professional Cuddlers are even teaching Self-Cuddling, Meditation, Distant Reiki, Yoga, Fitness, and more via their special sessions.

So that’s the exploration phase I am noticing as I engage with multiple members pro or otherwise, it appears that the cuddle discipline is growing beyond just the idea of Physical touch into Digital Connectedness !!

What you think digital intimacy is during this time and what you’ve been able to learn about yourself?

In a way, I answered that above in the last paragraph around the aspect of how digital connectedness is emerging in these times while it will definitely never be a permanent replacement to in-person intimacy! It better not else I don’t what will happen of me 🙂 !! lol! I am significantly touch starved while being extra cautious to not become the reason to cause an exposure to any elderly’s health condition negatively that I have commitment towards!

Our questions from to you are all converging to ask a simple question: what is a cuddle to you, when you can’t do it in-person?

Hopefully, you got your answers in all of my above responses! Probably that’s all I have to say for now!

This concludes our interview questions with Choices Vital – Cuddle Enthusiast in our cuddling community! We thank Choices Vital for all the time you gave in responding to all of our questions!

If you read it this far, we at thank you for taking the time to read our interview series. We are also very much interested to hear from you. Are you interested to share your experiences or thoughts? Reach us out at Let us know how you think we at are making a difference for their members in the world of pandemic!

Hoping you are able to create something valuable out of this information that helps spreading good word about our community!

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Professional Cuddler

Have you wondered who are Certified Cuddle Professionals and why do they choose cuddling as a profession? Here is an insight from Ava Cuddles Best – A Certified Cuddle Professional at

1. Why did you choose Professional Cuddling?

I choose to become a Professional Cuddler because I am intuitive, an active listener, read body language, and have been encouraged by many of my friends to pursue an endeavor where I am adding to other people’s lives since they know that my passion is to help others.

2. In your own words express how you can help your clients?

I can help clients by listening to both their verbal and individual physical needs. For example, I ask before touching or holding, I listen carefully and assure and encourage them to feel and express themselves without being judged. I let them know they are in a safe space to unfold; however, they wish from the weight of daily life stressors.

3. Who in your opinion are your ideal clients?

In my opinion, everyone is different, and no cuddle session is ever alike, so I can’t say there is an ideal type. Still, I can say that those who actively rest and let themselves be held without apprehensions have been the ones I enjoyed more than others because I can feel that they trust me and allow me to guide them to relax and be themselves.

4. What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling?

I have a certification in Reiki energy healing, so when I am cuddling, I receive feedback on my warmth. Which from experience, know that people who work with energy healing tend to be warm. I am into meditation and breath-work, too, which come in handy when I feel someone could use deep breathing exercises to unload. Last but not least, I practice yoga and tai chi. Both modalities help me help the person I am working with if they have pain or discomfort because I’ll advise them to do simple stretches to make themselves feel better. 

5. Introduce yourself as a Professional Cuddler

Here you can read all about me as a Professional Cuddler

6. What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?

Hygiene is a must because I prepare for every cuddle so that the client is comfortable. Consent and communication are essential too. Lastly, I have zero tolerance for explicit talk and any improper touch.  

7. How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?

I ensure clients understand my style of cuddling and my boundaries by having a conversation before our meeting. I ask first what their boundaries are, and then I share mine. Base on the conversation, I proceed or cancel the booking. 

8. How you see yourself contributing to this community?

I see myself having a space in the near future where there are many options for cuddling, like an office space with theme rooms for an interactive cuddle experience. 

9. Share something that describes you as an individual

One thing about me that I would say makes me unique is my joyful demeanor. I work on myself a weekly/monthly basis to keep myself in shape, both physically and mentally, to support others. I try my best to leave everyone better than I found them.

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Buddy System

With the ongoing pandemic there has been growing number of individuals who are staying disconnected from the social scene for obvious or genuine reasons. Loneliness has been already an ongoing issue across the world and pandemic is not helping with the overall situation.

We have already observed that several members are starting to engage and staying actively connected with each other via virtual means on our site and apps! This is a great thing! This is in a way what we call virtual buddy system (Buddies).

We wanted to extend the idea and share it with you all in the cuddle community that each of you should take this as an opportunity to extend your reach to help each other in ways possible. If anything good that can come out from this pandemic, let’s build a stronger buddy system virtual or otherwise! Help each other!

Cuddle Connect community is not just about cuddling! It is also about building valuable platonic buddy connections! Especially for the loners out there, don’t be lonely, build your virtual or otherwise buddy system. An outlet that helps you when you need it!

Outside of Cuddle Community, buddy system is not a new concept. It’s a very popular concept in the industry or even in schools!

What is Buddy System (Buddies)?

The buddy system is a procedure in which two (or in some cases even more than two) individuals, the “buddies”, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. As per Merriam-Webster, the first known use of the phrase “buddy system” goes as far back as 1942. Webster goes on to define the buddy system as “an arrangement in which two individuals are paired (as for mutual help).”

What is the purpose of our buddy system?

Our Buddy System, has simple goal – Don’t be lonely! Don’t hold it within! Find an ear who listens to you! Stay connected with each other virtual and beyond (when possible or needed)! We are even looking for our volunteer members to help us with the cause by connecting with new members on the site and help them get acquainted for a better experience! We are looking for ideas. If you have ideas around how we can better build the overall buddy system, we would be happy to hear your feedback. Simply reach us out via our contact us page or emailing us at [email protected]

There is no need to hold it back or be lonely! Also, you =keep your identify safe, there is no need to share your identity either! Find your escape outlet!

What do buddies connected in buddy system do?

Staying within our community platonic guidelines, buddies within our buddy system connect with each in various virtual activities starting with engaging in message exchanges! Get creative to explore and help each other to boost each other in genuine ways! Be respectful! Be helpful! Be genuine!

What are the places within our site or app that you can use as a way to express your interest to be part of the buddy system?

In your profile, you can select your cuddle expectation and cuddle styles as “Cuddle Buddy System” or “Be part of my Cuddle Buddy System”.
When engaging with another buddy via our messaging system, you can simply select your Intent to connect as “Buddy System (Buddies) – Need someone to talk to me”

You can specify in touch needs – BUDDY SYSTEM to let others know your intent!
While initiating a message with someone you can specific your intent as BUDDY SYSTEM!
As part of Cuddle Expectation also, you can specify you expect to build Buddy System!

Are there going to be future changes to the site or app with regards to promoting to Buddy System?

Yes! We would like to hear from you. With your inputs, we will be able to work towards evolving this into a useful buddy system for our cuddlers who are lonely or just need an outlet that is outside of their social circle!

Let’s make our community an even better place! More to follow on this topic in the coming months!

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Cuddle Therapist

Interested to learn more about Cuddle Therapy and Cuddle Therapist? – Meet Porsha and learn a bit about this cuddle therapist and also what cuddle therapy is all about! A quick virtual pow-wow with Porsha that we hope you will find valuable !

In your own words express how you can help your clients interested in cuddle therapy ?

I help my (cuddle) clients through treating them with respect, being professional at all times, and what I provide through the experience. I don’t mind making them a cup of tea, asking about their life, and just being down to earth. 

Who in your opinion are your ideal clients for cuddling professionally ?

My ideal (cuddle) clients can be male or female, but someone that understands cuddle therapy, they are professional as well through action and hygiene, and they understand this is not a sexual service. 

What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling?

My unique skills are being a great communicator. I have a Human Resources and Public Relations background, so I am used to being around all walks of life. I am very relatable and understand the purpose of making sure a customer or client is satisfied. I know how to be in the mode to serve others through my gifts and talents. 

What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?

To make sure the session is in no way sexual. Yes, we are all human and different cuddle positions might turn clients on, but it’s important to stress that the sessions are for therapeutic purposes only. I make sure clients do not touch personal areas and I treat them with the same respect.  

How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?
When I am talking to them on the site, I explain cuddle therapy and what is acceptable and what is not. I’ve had professional clients for the most part, so no issues. An NDA is also helpful, but I’ve never gotten to that point. If I feel “off” about a client or if they are going the sexual route, I will explain my boundaries again and if it continues, I will not go to the session or if I’m in a session, I will leave. 

How you see yourself contributing to this community?

I would definitely like to work with other cuddle therapist in the industry to host cuddle parties and do humanitarian events to support the local community. The other responses are in my video

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me


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