What is Cuddling and What is Cuddle Connect?

What is Cuddling and What is Cuddle Connect?

What is Cuddling?

  • If there is any act you can engage to help your body and soul, it is cuddling!
  • This prolonged affectionate touch is extremely beneficial to body, mind and health
  • Cuddling is not necessarily a full body activity, you can cuddle with your full body and you can cuddle with as much little body contact too


What is Cuddle Connect?

  • Cuddle Connect is a growing community of people who love touch, connect and cuddling
  • Here we aim to create healthy friendships based on cuddling that is pressure free and comes with no expectations of something more


Who is an Enthusiast Cuddler?

  • Enthusiasts are people who love to cuddle. We have lots of Enthusiasts joining our site every day!
  • They are out there to find cuddle buddies who are interested in commitment free friendship
  • Cuddle Enthusiasts are usually not looking for any sort of commitment-oriented relationship nor are they looking for sex or hookup. They are looking for touch, connect, and cuddles!

Who is a Professional Cuddler?

  • Cuddlecom community has members who prefer the convenience of paying for a Professional Cuddler
  • We have growing circle of professionals some of them are trained and certified in cuddling.
  • Similar to a massage therapist or wellness therapists, you can hire a professional Cuddle Practitioner for an hour-long or multiple hour session at a comparable hourly fee


How does Cuddling help?

  • Whether you’re into hugging, spooning or just holding hands, the point is to relax, get some oxytocin pumping through your brain and chill
  • But can cuddling and hugging be technically proven to be healthy? The answer is YES!
  • Cuddles produce a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety, which means they also improve your mental well-being. Cuddling is a natural antidepressant, relieves anxiety and strengthens our immune system. It helps you relax and feel better about yourself


How do I learn more about Cuddle Connect?

  • We have lot of helpful information for you to learn more about us or cuddling
  • Our Cuddle Commandments would help you understand cuddle boundaries, so does our client service agreement especially if you are opting for professional cuddling
  • Our Blogs share a lot of informational articles on Cuddle Positions, Benefits, and more
  • Our Forums are where members share opinions
  • We have training videos, books, and lot more!


How do I get started on Cuddle Connect?

  • Our Platform helps you to easily find a cuddle buddy for free. Simply follow our quick and easy registration steps. Start an expectation free cuddling friendship today!
  • Sign up – It’s Free. Takes 3 quick and easy steps to Sign up
  • Search – Search for cuddle buddies in your area
  • Connect – Start expectation free cuddle friendship
  • Cuddle – A natural way to your well-being and more

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