Different forms of touch healing therapy one should explore and nurture

Different forms of touch healing therapy one should explore and nurture

Have you ever wondered the magnificent value of human touch? Touch is a necessary and an amazing ingredient needed for our emotional stability and general well-being. When we touch someone, it really is a strategic way to determine or gauge how someone will respond or react to you, so you know whether to stop or go further, as well as get a clear indication of how you are perceived at that moment: foe, friend or much more.

However, there are different kinds or types of touches depending on the level of intimacy with the other partner. They also depend on your comfort levels. The following  are the types of touch and where on the body they can be possibly applied:


This is a type of touch that involves someone touching your back in form of a path or rubbing your back emotionally

Hand holding

This is a type of touch that is done by individuals without having much in common. It can be in form of a handshake or holding hands together with your partner for a stroll.


Hugs are more intimate than handshakes, it shows acceptance, and that you both have a thing in common.  In some cultures, hugs are common place in social interactions, like Argentina and Brazil, not so much in the UK and Japan.

Foot massage

This is mostly done by individuals in relationships or by professionals that offer this kind of touch for a fee.


This is a form of touch mostly done by professionals because it requires experience and skills to initiate this kind of touch. Although you can have a random friend who could help you massage a particular area of your body, but not on sensitive areas. Also, it can turn into a situation you never wished to happen as massaging has the potential to ignite the sex hormones. Hence, it is always advisable to use professional masseur.


Cuddling is a more intimate level of touch.  A friend could be your cuddle buddy with no strings attached. Some people hire professionals  to experience this touch at its peak. Cuddling is almost similar to massage because of the fact that, the two releases oxytocin that is the feel-good hormone.

You can learn lot more about benefits one can derive from theses touches especially cuddling by reading here.

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