Is Platonic Cuddling for you? Who Benefits from Platonic Cuddles?

Is Platonic Cuddling for you? Who Benefits from Platonic Cuddles?

What Types of People Mostly Benefit from Platonic Touch & Cuddling?

A platonic relationship means a love or friendship that involves the exchange of emotional feelin and touches that are non-sexual. Platonic cuddling is very essential towards having a peace of mind and utmost pleasure due to the fact that it is more intimate.

Platonic cuddling is one of the best forms of cuddling for a lonely and bored individual. It brings about a great deal of happiness and gives a sense of inclusion to everyone, including those individuals struggling with commitment-oriented relationships or social stigma. Bearing in mind that we all need to be touched so as to feel accepted, the impact of Touch and Cuddling cannot be ruled out in the build-up of every human psychology and social background.

As a matter of fact, there are certain stages in our lives when we need to be touched and cuddled. These are times when we feel lonely, frustrated, and stressed.

The foregoing analysis, defines an individual  who wants to be involved in a platonic relationship. The set of individuals recommended to embrace platonic cuddling are:

Those who only want to cuddle

Platonic cuddling is mostly found among those who only wish to cuddle. Truth be told, you can cuddle without it leading to sexual activities especially when done with a professional or in an open place.

If you feel the need to be touched or to feel a bit intimate without a sexual motive, then platonic cuddling is the thing  for you. Perhaps you are not getting enough touch which may negatively affect your personality – just seek the help of a cuddle buddy or a professional cuddling service provider and enjoy some platonic cuddle and reap the benefits it brings.

Those not ready for a committed relationship

If you are not ready to get committed to any relationship, the best form of cuddling to adopt is platonic cuddling. It doesn’t only give you the power to set the boundary of no sex, but also provide the opportunity to get a touch in the desired way.

Those who feel lonely

When you feel lonely or exiled, just  pick up the phone and call your cuddle buddy who respects your boundary and doesn’t take advantage of your emotions.

Those that are just coming out from a divorce

If you have just been through a divorce, I am sure you will really miss those lovely nights you once spent together with your ex. partner. Sometimes, this thought and feeling of emptiness make us enter into a premature relationship that will eventually make things worse. This is damaging. Having a platonic cuddle buddy will  help reduce mental stress which is associated with divorce.

Those having health Conditions

Health conditions such as high blood pressure can be  suppressed with Touch & Cuddling. This is because of the feel-good hormones released during cuddling.

On a concluding note, it is a know fact that Babies and young children are those that need to be touched and cuddled most – the actions provided by affectionate care-givers define their later adult life. Being intimate with babies will affect their life positively while depriving them of touch and cuddles will greatly affect them in later life!