Types of Relationship – Platonic, QueerPlatonic, Romantic, Dating, and beyond

Cuddling Relationship Types

Platonic Relationship and Platonic Friendship

Platonic means a love or friendship that involves emotional feelings and could be intimate but non-sexual. Most time we portray these intimate feelings through certain actions and behaviors and cuddling is one of the common behaviors found among platonic friendship.

Platonic cuddling friendship is a kind of cuddling that involves an intimate and physical contact, although it involves some degree of body touching, but no sexual behavior.  Platonic cuddling friendship induces great importance to our lives especially in individuals struggling with commitment-oriented relationships, or social stigma. It also creates amazing health benefit in our lives.

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Cuddling and Types of Relationship

Types of Relationship – Platonic, QueerPlatonic, Romantic, Dating

Queerplatonic Relationship

Queerplatonic is a relationship that features intimacy and closeness between the two partners. It could be a romantic relationship or a non-romantic relationship. Basically, it involves a platonic relationship, that is a close emotional connection which some people consider to be friendship. The intimacy and level of commitment in a queerplatonic relationship are greater than a romantic relationship. Although, the queerplatonic relationship may involve sex, while others don’t. Individuals in this relationship don’t consider themselves as best friends because it is far more than that, although at the surface you may think they are just close friends. A queerplatonic relationship can be in whatever orientation the partners choose, either as an aromatic or asexual relationship. You may rarely find two QPRs that are the same, either they involve kissing and sex, or just one of them, while others don’t involve either of them.

Romantic Relationship

When some people hear the term romantic relationship, they easily conclude that it must be a sexual relationship, but in reality, it may not be in such direction. A romantic relationship can be an intimate relationship, where the involved partners respects each other. It is an emotional connection that may involve physical, but not necessarily sexual intercourse. An intimate relationship provides the platform for you to grow as a partner in your personal life.

Dating Relationship – Is Platonic Cuddling Friendship Different from Dating?

Platonic Cuddling is an action implemented by individuals that share a common feeling or by professionals to an individual that wishes to feel intimate without any sexual pleasure. This could be a parent to child relationship, a couple in a romantic relationship, or a professional cuddling service.

Dating is also an intimate relationship between two people, it could involve cuddling and other sexual pleasures. When people who date cuddle, it mostly leads to sex. Most people that date usually prefer spooning when alone with their lover. Spooning is an intimate behavior where the taller or male partner stay behind and they curl into the shape of a spoon.  The partner behind will place his arm around their partner, this position mostly leads to sexual intimacy.

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