How Cuddling Your Baby Psychologically Affects Both of You – The Real Truth!

The Power of a Mother’s Touch

Cuddling is considered as an important therapy for stronger and satisfying relationships both in terms of psychology and science. And by “relationships”, we meant everyone you have ever loved in your life including your children, parents, grandparents and most of all the love of your life.

Cuddling your loved one’s releases Oxycontin hormones in your body which makes our body, as well as brain, relax and calm. As this article talks about the effects of cuddling your baby often and early, let’s get straight to the point.

The Power of a Mother’s Touch

According to a biological research conducted, it is held that cuddling your baby results in several benefits, positive factors, and greater health. Though your little one may be too small to judge certain actions, the power of a mother’s touch should never be underestimated.

From physical attachment to brain development, a mother’s touch is the best remedy for a new-born child. Setting aside all the “good feels” every parent gets when snuggling beside a new-born, several types of research has concluded that cuddled children are most likely to grow healthier, kinder, active, vicarious, and less depressed.

This also works the same way for the mother. After giving birth to a baby, a woman goes through a lot of mental as well as physical fatigues. Therefore, cuddling baby serves as a natural remedy for the mother as well.

As discussed earlier, cuddling increases Oxycontin hormones in the body and according to a study at the World Health Organization (WHO), it was concluded that the increased amount of Oxycontin serves equal benefits to the mother and baby.

In addition, about 125 babies – full term and premature – were observed carefully at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to see if the babies respond to their parents touch differently. Guess what? The result was positive. Not only this, premature babies who had greater contact with their parents grow stronger and effectively than those who don’t.

Children Love Cuddles

Touch is the very first sense new-born develop. Therefore, early skin-to-skin contact with the baby not only stimulates the baby’s brain but also makes them happier. Children who are cuddled by their parents are less likely to go through mental illness or any other psychological effect later in life.

Another example why a mother’s touch is essential for baby is that new-born are placed in the mother’s arms right after the birth. The skin-to-skin touch with the mother stimulate their breathing and soothes heart rate by the delicate sound of the mother’s heartbeat.

Therefore, now is the best time to love your baby all you want, and cuddling is the best way to enhance their immunity to negative psychological effects that come later in life.

Final Verdict

Overall, cuddling plays a key role in the development and recovery of both mother and child. Not only this, but it also works like a wonder among adults. Thereby, people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression should try cuddling with their loved ones. And if you are single or lonely or divorced or craving human touch, look no further than Cuddle Connect to find an ideal cuddling buddy near you.

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