launches basic Buddy System (Buddies)!

Buddy System

With the ongoing pandemic there has been growing number of individuals who are staying disconnected from the social scene for obvious or genuine reasons. Loneliness has been already an ongoing issue across the world and pandemic is not helping with the overall situation.

We have already observed that several members are starting to engage and staying actively connected with each other via virtual means on our site and apps! This is a great thing! This is in a way what we call virtual buddy system (Buddies).

We wanted to extend the idea and share it with you all in the cuddle community that each of you should take this as an opportunity to extend your reach to help each other in ways possible. If anything good that can come out from this pandemic, let’s build a stronger buddy system virtual or otherwise! Help each other!

Cuddle Connect community is not just about cuddling! It is also about building valuable platonic buddy connections! Especially for the loners out there, don’t be lonely, build your virtual or otherwise buddy system. An outlet that helps you when you need it!

Outside of Cuddle Community, buddy system is not a new concept. It’s a very popular concept in the industry or even in schools!

What is Buddy System (Buddies)?

The buddy system is a procedure in which two (or in some cases even more than two) individuals, the “buddies”, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. As per Merriam-Webster, the first known use of the phrase “buddy system” goes as far back as 1942. Webster goes on to define the buddy system as “an arrangement in which two individuals are paired (as for mutual help).”

What is the purpose of our buddy system?

Our Buddy System, has simple goal – Don’t be lonely! Don’t hold it within! Find an ear who listens to you! Stay connected with each other virtual and beyond (when possible or needed)! We are even looking for our volunteer members to help us with the cause by connecting with new members on the site and help them get acquainted for a better experience! We are looking for ideas. If you have ideas around how we can better build the overall buddy system, we would be happy to hear your feedback. Simply reach us out via our contact us page or emailing us at [email protected]

There is no need to hold it back or be lonely! Also, you =keep your identify safe, there is no need to share your identity either! Find your escape outlet!

What do buddies connected in buddy system do?

Staying within our community platonic guidelines, buddies within our buddy system connect with each in various virtual activities starting with engaging in message exchanges! Get creative to explore and help each other to boost each other in genuine ways! Be respectful! Be helpful! Be genuine!

What are the places within our site or app that you can use as a way to express your interest to be part of the buddy system?

In your profile, you can select your cuddle expectation and cuddle styles as “Cuddle Buddy System” or “Be part of my Cuddle Buddy System”.
When engaging with another buddy via our messaging system, you can simply select your Intent to connect as “Buddy System (Buddies) – Need someone to talk to me”

You can specify in touch needs – BUDDY SYSTEM to let others know your intent!
While initiating a message with someone you can specific your intent as BUDDY SYSTEM!
As part of Cuddle Expectation also, you can specify you expect to build Buddy System!

Are there going to be future changes to the site or app with regards to promoting to Buddy System?

Yes! We would like to hear from you. With your inputs, we will be able to work towards evolving this into a useful buddy system for our cuddlers who are lonely or just need an outlet that is outside of their social circle!

Let’s make our community an even better place! More to follow on this topic in the coming months!

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