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Platonic Cuddling is Different Yet Intimate Than Sex, Hook-up, or Dating

Do you think that love promotes a healthier, better, and happier life? Well, many of you would believe this statement but still confuse the true definition of love. Love comes in multiple forms including filial, parental, romantic, and platonic. Any form of love can lead to spiritual wellness, peace of mind, and relieve you from unwanted stress.

Have you ever been into a platonic friendship? Well, platonic love is a unique spiritual emotion towards one another that many don’t find in one-night stands, ordinary relationships, and hook-ups. Similarly, here at Cuddle Connect, we strive to connect people looking for a platonic, non-sexual, cuddle buddies to avail the best snuggling experience possible.

How a Platonic Relationship or Cuddling Differs?

The very first example of how cuddling or a platonic relationship is greater than sex is of a mother. We all have witnessed mothers cuddling their new-borns and making physical yet skin-to-skin touch. Similarly, you’ll see pets cuddling each other or someone who is upset laying his/her arms into a close friend. Yes, cuddling is far more intimate than sex or dating.

Cuddling can either be adapted to create a strong bond, share untold feelings, and even relieve stress after a hectic day at the office. So where to find someone who is as needy, penurious, or stressed as you? This is where platforms like CuddleConnect comes in handy.

Cuddling site vs Online Dating sites – how are they different?

If you are still concerned about the differences between platonic cuddling vs online dating or hook-up sites, following is a brief chart to educate you:

Platonic Cuddles vs Online Dating

Platonic Cuddling website vs online dating site comparison

Human touch plays a key role in physical as well as mental wellness. When you don’t get an adequate amount of human base regularly for a long time, it may result in anxiety, stress, and other therapeutic issues after a hectic day or weekend. This is where Cuddle Connect comes in handy.

Note that when you are into a platonic, non-sexual, and amicable friendship, itis entirely different from ordinary relationships, one-night stand, or a hook-up. Still, people feel a lot free, happy, satisfied, and intimate while cuddling.

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Touch Medicine

We encourage our readers to watch our Cuddling the Unspoken short video series. It’s a worth watch for everyone especially who are new to the overall Platonic Cuddling concept!


Cuddling is a part of the Touch Therapy industry. Many people who go through this therapy are definitely not children but they are children in their heart and soul and they know they are missing something but just can’t put their finger on it because it is buried so deep in their subconscious that they can’t readily remember it, until they seek help for that gaping hole, wanting and desire.
The need to be touched or hugged, manifests itself through your insatiable desire to be wanted, appreciated, recognized, needed and desired to the point where you find yourself sacrificing your needs for someone else thinking that by doing so, they will love you back or they will want you and love you.

Sadly, it doesn’t work that way and what it does is really the opposite–deepen your wounds further, that needy behavior; until you recognize that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed NOW!

Being A Child Again

Let’s go back to being a child again. You were innocent. You were dependent on your parents or caregivers to love and take care of you and to raise you to be a healthy, independent thinking, fully functioning human being that can manage on its own as you grow your wings and fly. Touch at that time in your life and in your mind shouldn’t have been earned or transactional; in other words, you shouldn’t have to do something right or well to impress your parents, siblings and others to be touched, hugged or loved.

And when we speak of touch here, we speak of healthy touch. A child as well as an adult instinctively knows when a touch is healthy versus unhealthy and there are many books and resources available online about the differences and maybe soon, we will add value to that archive in the near future.

We at have created these training courses and informational resources to help everyone craving for touch or connection!

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What is Cuddle Party and What are Cuddle Groups

Cuddle Parties and Cuddling Groups

What are they?

Cuddling, for boosting up your oxytocin level. A group of strangers could be a source of glee! But how can it be? By hands in hand, and a mysterious cuddle. A cuddle party is based on, however, an intensity of its own love. Your life, bank on, the happiness but this happiness comes true if you really want what you desire. The worries about to go out when you fell the happiness of a cuddle party with the strangers. Really with strangers…? Yeah, this will be hilarious and more appreciable. Cuddle Party is a playful social event to lessen your stress and anxiety, and exploring boundaries of your limitations.

Why are they?

In this deprived world people eager to go on these place and give a spoon of peace to the strangers. I have come across the value of these cuddling evening whenever I feel more deprived and want ease in life. Cuddling helps them, to diminish their worries and anxieties as such groups are really obliging and happiness booster for the deprived people. It is totally alteration from anti-social to social, from deprived to wittiness, from being alone to search out a partner, as it gives more happiness.

Who attends them?

People around the world, make cuddling evening with fun and pleasure. Whether it may be the group of female or male, even children to amuse themselves. There is no discrimination against sex. Both can enjoy according to their drive. As scientists show that the bunch of people are really helpful to get rid of all worries and bitter behavior of the world.

What do they get out of it?

Immense pleasure and nonstop able fun can be gain out through these parties. In everyone’s life, he or she really need someone who can take care of him or her and make their life delighted. You need someone who’d be enough for you and this bliss should be long-lasting. Cuddle groups are really appreciable and admirable so, frequently it has listened the wish that every fellow made,

“I wish we could cuddle the night away, I wish it could never turn into day.”

Once my friend got depressed and no way to come out then I suggest him to go to near cuddle shop and live according to your way. First of all, he looks down on this suggestion but later on, he drags on this proposal he got ready. Then his fortune prove so true and after spending some time in the cuddling shop he has enough enthusiasm to go on.


How to be part of such groups or parties:

Cuddle parties and cuddle group are being held for a long time ago. By now all the deprived and frustrated individuals engrossed themselves in these cuddling meet up. For performing such activities the signboard called out the “Cuddle shop” all over the world and there isn’t any sexual activity, and you’re not to be laid there but for the cuddle. Cuddling has been empowering its importance by making a peaceful environment via cuddle shop. And this peacefulness can be found in the shape of cuddle shop around you. You have to find them.

Dos and Don’ts

As this social event have a lot of delights and would be appreciable in every manner then it can be fulfilled by some rules. So enjoying in the more contented background will able you, to be relaxed in every matter. No doubt at all. So, the group of cuddles and parties are monitored by the trained cuddling facilitators. They are very conscious about their customers that is why they apply the following rule that will be double the happiness while cuddling meet up.

Cuddle party rules and regulation.

  • While enjoying the cuddle parties keep tight your pajamas.
  • All are strangers for you but you don’t have to cuddle with anyone.
  • Before touching someone you need to take his or her permission.
  • You can laugh and cry to overcome your stress level.
  • Sharing about the cuddle parties you ought to think about their privacy.
  • Clear you ambiguities and misconceptionwith cuddle party facilitators.

There are folks who are shy and want to rather have their time spent one-on-one with another cuddle buddy. Cuddle Connect is the right place for everyone!


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