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Cuddle Awards Announced!

Very recently we completed our first year as one of the fastest growing cuddle community! We are delighted to announce introduction of our cuddle awards of the year! These cuddling awards will be given to one of the selected professional cuddle buddies and enthusiast cuddle buddies.

This award is announcing our 2019 Enthusiast Cuddler of the Year! We are planning to introduce and announce 2019 professional cuddler of the year award soon in the coming weeks!

If you would like to learn more about our awards or would like to be participant, please contact us

Our 2019 Enthusiast Cuddle Member who has been selected by for this award is NYCLatnGuy! Congratulations to NYCLatnGuy!!! Our Award includes $25 gift card and 1 year of Elite Membership! Take a moment to watch this one minute video and an interview with our Enthusiast Cuddler of the Year!

A bit about NYCLatnGuy in his own words:

I was born and raised in NYC, but have lived all over the eastern USA for my education and later for employment. Moving to new cities every few years has afforded me the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people, but has at times also led to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Thanks to sites like CuddleConnect, I have been able to mitigate that and form connections with people I would otherwise never have met.

Were you always a cuddler, or is it a more recent thing in your life?

I have always loved physical contact, even from a young age, when I would climb on my family or lay on my friends. I always had my arm around someone, would lean on them, or hold hands with those I cared about. If one is familiar with the concept of the five love languages, physical touch is my primary way of expressing affection, and it has been a major part of my life experience for both platonic and romantic intimacy. In recent years I have been more keenly aware of its importance in my life.

What brought you here to Cuddle Connect?

As I have matured in my life and relationships, I have grown to understand and appreciate the importance of platonic intimacy in my life. It can be difficult to find other people who are interested in sharing intimacy and physical touch, but who are comfortable with removing the possibility of transition to romantic or sexual interactions. This has been particularly true when I have been involved in romantic relationships with others who value physical touch less or who are at a distance that does not allow for consistent contact. Knowing that I have shared interests with my fellow platonic cuddlers takes away the stress of feeling like there is pressure for anything more than what we have agreed to, or for a need to act or perform in a manner outside of simple friendship, affection and kindness.

What do you value most about cuddling?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of snuggling up with another willing person. The feeling of calm and relaxation that washes over you, the security of being in another’s arms, the softness of another’s gentle touch. Frankly, the experience of connection and closeness is what I find to be most valuable to me, and the effects last for days or weeks, improving my general mood and sleep. How do you most like to cuddle and be cuddled? Every experience with each individual cuddle partner varies, although all have their highlights. I have found that open, clear, and honest communication before and during cuddles has led most consistently to a feeling of mutual satisfaction. I feel that versatility and open-mindedness are key to optimizing any particular cuddle interaction, and the only thing I consistently ask for from all my partners is that the room temperature be slightly cooler, as body heat can make warmer spaces more difficult to endure.

How has your experience been here on Cuddle Connect so far?

Since the moment I joined almost a year ago, my experience on CuddleConnect has been a consistently positive one. I have found fulfillment in the opportunity to not only be part of a growing community of like-minded people, but thanks to the attentiveness and responsiveness of the site moderators, I have had the privilege of helping improve the experience for myself and others by giving feedback that they have implemented into practice. I am excited about where the site is going and am hopeful that it will continue to thrive as more curious and touch-starved people learn about the concept of platonic cuddling.

What kinds of things do you look for in a professional?

At various times in recent years, I have had the pleasure of employing professional cuddlers. It is often difficult as a private man with a hectic work and life schedule to find people who are willing to meet at my behest and at times with somewhat short notice. I find it extremely valuable that there are people who are willing to share affection tailored to my needs and who focus on me in exchange for reasonable compensation of their time and efforts. The consummate professional for me is someone who communicates clearly and consistently. Timeliness of communication and giving me the feeling of a genuine interest in helping me feel better are crucial to optimizing our experience.

What are some experiences that weren’t so positive?

I think that at the end of the day it is important to remember that the people who join sites like CuddleConnect are just people from all walks of life who are looking for a connection. Being mindful of the one generally shared goal, occasionally one will interact with another individual who they may not “mesh” with. I have found that this happens particularly when the communication is not clear and specific, and when expectations are not aligned. It does not matter if it is an interaction with another enthusiast or with a professional, if people do not approach each other non-judgmentally and with curiosity, the risk of friction rises. If we come to each other with empathy and understanding, even those interactions that are not uniformly positive can still be helpful to those involved and helped us all grow together as we try to navigate this exciting phenomenon of platonic cuddles!

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Touch and Relationship

“I felt that if he touched me, I’d die, and then the thought crawled into my brain that if he didn’t touch me, I’d die.”

Kitty Thomas

Relationships don’t just thrive by saying kind words to each other or buying an amazing present for one another. There are certain emotional connections that can only be created with the aid of touch. A consistent soft and tender touch can make a relationship gain much more meaning and strength.

A soft touch is not just a romantic gesture. It renders immense wellness for us. Who wouldn’t want a relationship where there is love and good health? Touch has the potential to save relationships that are being threatened due to a lack of intimacy and affectionate touch. Even sex is secondary. Cuddling possesses the great potential to hold to the center of peace, happiness and love. The increasing frequency of relationships and marriages crumbling these days is worrying. If you think it’s because of the dampening of a sexlife, it’s not a truism. In fact, it is a truism that more than half of married couples (male and female) still have sex outside the shores of their marriage. It is obvious that long-term and genuine relationships/marriage cannot be achieved only through sex. While sex is important in the lives of two partners, it should be noted that it is just one out of the many buckles that fasten a relationship/marriage. Trust is the fertile soil in which healthy relationships/marriage are the foundation for growth. It is an unarguable fact that violating the bond of trust is like putting a big crack in the soil. Knowingly or unknowingly, the big crack will yield unproductive soil. There is no argument in saying that trust is the pillar of a purposeful and successful relationship. And trust can be developed, restored and maintained by partners through cuddling. Cuddling is referred to as the ‘livewire’ of any typical relationship/marriage.

Based on the above, emotional links are cut short once there is an absence of cuddle between partners or couples. With this in free flow, disloyalty will creep in, damages occur and the dissolution of the relationship becomes inevitable. More importantly, the loyalty and fidelity of individuals in a relationship can be sealed by continuous emotional connection with their partners. It is very likely that an absence of cuddling – being an instrument of building trust, can cause trauma and betrayal of one another. While many people have tried to portray sex as a building block of relationships, it is continuously being spoken as a weak instrument for strengthening love and affection. In fact, there are a number of cases of partners who regularly have sex; yet they still cheat due to high libido. We will now examine the importance of touch and cuddling and its capability of sustaining long-term relationships and marriage. This is in an attempt to revive broken relationships and homes. Your attention is therefore called to the following narrative. A dating tip when you date someone – if both of you are more comfortable cuddling intimately each other for longer durations, there is a higher chance you both will bond well and more importantly there is a greater likelihood you will end up in a long-lasting lifetime relationship. Touch and relationships are inseparable variables.

Research has revealed the capacity and valuable role of touch and cuddling in strengthening relationships/marriage. It is fundamental to know that touch is an essential element in the development of our physical, emotional and social lives. Touch, however, is the elementary stage in the cuddling process.

More fundamentally, the art of touch cannot be ruled out in any given purposeful relationship. Looking at the two variables; touch and relationship; can one be isolated from the other? It’s impossible/ This is due to the fact that regular and consistent exchange of touch by partners will lead to the emotional investment between the partners or couples. As a result, the two variables are inseparable. It is time we prioritize touch with our partners. The ability of two partners to show intimacy and love in a relationship or marriage rests on the art of touch or cuddle. Touch is, indeed, an amazing way of communicating compassion, tenderness, love, gratitude and other awesome feelings of desire to your partner.

In the light of the foregoing, it is vividly clear that touch and purposeful relationship/marriage are two sides of a coin. That is to say, they are two inseparable variables

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Touch Therapy

PART I – CHAPTER ONE – Touch Science

“Maybe you’ve had skin next to your skin, but when was the last time you let yourself be touched.”

-Tom Spanbauer

The importance of touch to the development of our physical, emotional and social health cannot be underestimated. Touch has been proven by noble scientists to be a part of the human sense and it comes first before any of the other known senses. Unfortunately, we give touch little attention compared to the other four senses: the ability to hear, see, taste, and smell.

Touch plays a key role in relationships and allows and create the atmosphere and opportunity for long lasting relationships. The ability to show intimacy and love is a very special thing when received by an individual or group of individuals.

It becomes fundamental to ask the question, “Have you ever considered what makes a person special to you?” Surely, it is the moments spent together; the holding of hands, hugging, cuddling, connecting and in some cases, the sex.

Some of the researched articles states that – “When premature babies are touched and massaged, they gain almost 50% more weight and they get discharged almost one week earlier from hospital. This is an indication of how positive touch can hugely benefit our lives from the time we enter into this wonderful world”

Obviously, the skin is the receptor of touch in every human being. This means that before we hear, smell, see, or taste, our sense of touch is ignited first. Touch is an amazing communicator of compassion, tenderness, anger, love, gratitude, and other related feelings. Studies have shown that individuals who received more physical touch tend to be more of extroverts. They stand out among a crowd; they feel more superior and a better sense of belonging.

A hug or cuddle can lessen the grief of an individual or even lower the blood pressure because of the affection hormone released during this activity. Touch is believed to be the key for communicating prosocial emotions and even lasting relationships. It builds trust and fosters cooperation.

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