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Cuddle Therapist

Interested to learn more about Cuddle Therapy and Cuddle Therapist? – Meet Porsha and learn a bit about this cuddle therapist and also what cuddle therapy is all about! A quick virtual pow-wow with Porsha that we hope you will find valuable !

In your own words express how you can help your clients interested in cuddle therapy ?

I help my (cuddle) clients through treating them with respect, being professional at all times, and what I provide through the experience. I don’t mind making them a cup of tea, asking about their life, and just being down to earth. 

Who in your opinion are your ideal clients for cuddling professionally ?

My ideal (cuddle) clients can be male or female, but someone that understands cuddle therapy, they are professional as well through action and hygiene, and they understand this is not a sexual service. 

What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling?

My unique skills are being a great communicator. I have a Human Resources and Public Relations background, so I am used to being around all walks of life. I am very relatable and understand the purpose of making sure a customer or client is satisfied. I know how to be in the mode to serve others through my gifts and talents. 

What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?

To make sure the session is in no way sexual. Yes, we are all human and different cuddle positions might turn clients on, but it’s important to stress that the sessions are for therapeutic purposes only. I make sure clients do not touch personal areas and I treat them with the same respect.  

How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?
When I am talking to them on the site, I explain cuddle therapy and what is acceptable and what is not. I’ve had professional clients for the most part, so no issues. An NDA is also helpful, but I’ve never gotten to that point. If I feel “off” about a client or if they are going the sexual route, I will explain my boundaries again and if it continues, I will not go to the session or if I’m in a session, I will leave. 

How you see yourself contributing to this community?

I would definitely like to work with other cuddle therapist in the industry to host cuddle parties and do humanitarian events to support the local community. The other responses are in my video

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me


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Snuggle Buddy

Cuddle Buddy handbook from is full of visually rich illustrations. Cuddle Buddy is a nice little handbook of most intimate, caring, affectionate, and warmth filled therapeutic snuggle positions or cuddle positions. Book has 6 different Parts with over total of 60 different cuddling positions or snuggle positions for everyone.

Now available on AMAZON Kindle and Print Book.

Click here for more details.

PART I: Therapeutic Calming Cuddle Positions
PART II: Affectionate Bonding Snuggle Positions
PART III: Warmth & Care Cuddle Positions
PART IV: Connect & Communicate Snuggle Positions
PART V: Intimate Nuzzle Positions
PART VI: Sensual Cuddle Positions

Below is the list of all visually rich cuddle positions that the book has to offer:

The Spoon Cuddle Position
The half-spoon Cuddle Position
Overlapping Cuddle Position
The butt Cheek-to-Cheek Cuddle Position
Star Gazers Cuddle Position
Lap Pillow Cuddle Position
Stretch Hold Cuddle Position
Tree Hold Cuddle Position
Deep Connect Cuddle Position
Pleasure Hold Cuddle Position
Melting Tango Cuddle Position
Comfy Lap Chair Cuddle Position
Morning Nector Cuddle Position
T-We Time Cuddle Position
Lap of Comfort Cuddle Position
Tuck Bond Cuddle Position
Lean Together Cuddle Position
Head over Toes Cuddle Position
Rocking Together Cuddle Position
I got your back Cuddle Position
Tickle or Treat Cuddle Position
The X Factor Cuddle Position
Pet Style Cuddle Position
Gangnam Style Cuddle Position
Sliding Snuggle Cuddle Position
Forking Cuddle Position
Rest-on Cuddle Position
Royal Hug Cuddle Position
Spork Cuddle Position
Cuddle Hood Cuddle Position
Aeroplane Hug Cuddle Position
Spacious Comfort Cuddle Position
T-Time Cuddle Position
Connect Together Cuddle Position
Karate Kids Cuddle Position
Grabber Hug Cuddle Position
Comfort Zone Cuddle Position
Cuddle Hangout Cuddle Position
Come to Mama Cuddle Position
Cloud 9 Cuddle Position
DA Comfy Cuddle Position
Crane Hug Cuddle Position
Shield Cuddle Position
Wrapper Snuggle Cuddle Position
Latch ON Cuddle Position
Shoulder Roll Cuddle Position
Face ME Cuddle Position
Surfing Snugglers Cuddle Position
Face 69 Cuddle Position
Times Together Cuddle Position
Care Healer Cuddle Position
Hug it Away Cuddle Position
Healer’s Touch Cuddle Position
Hold Me Cuddle Position
Nuzzle Cuddle Position
All is Well Cuddle Position
Stack Bond Cuddle Position
Come to Papa Cuddle Position
Hearty Healer Cuddle Position
Entangled Cuddle Position
Bellula Cuddle Position

This book is dedicated to all who celebrate the value of Snuggles or Cuddles, Touch, Hugs, and Affectionate Bonding!

The world is a better place thanks to people who value the importance of touch, hugs, cuddles, warmth, care, and affectionate bonding in life. What makes it even better are people who share this gift of touch in various forms with others. Thank you to everyone (Parents, Couples, Friends/Buddies, and more) who are striving to spread this and help others across the world.

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Touch App for EVERYONE

Cuddle Positions TOUCH Mobile App Launched

We are excited to announce launch of our new FREE mobile app on Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store – Cuddle Positions is TOUCH app for EVERYONE!

In today’s world of touch phones, we introduced the true TOUCH app in form of Cuddle Positions.

We all know that there isn’t truly a right or wrong way to cuddle, but Cuddle Positions is the first ever fun gamified mobile app to help pave the way to a warmth filled cuddles as an ice breaker for newbie cuddlers or creatively engaging experienced cuddlers!

Whether it is Platonic Buddies or Professional Cuddlers or Touch Therapist or Couples or Queer Platonic partners, this fun and informational app is catered towards all.

This app is promoting the importance and value of touch in all of our life!

Download our App today from store of your choice! Please do spread the good word!

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Amazon App Store:

Watch short video on Cuddle Positions:

What’s inside Cuddle Positions mobile App?

There is a position for that! We all know that there isn’t truly a right or wrong way to cuddle, but Cuddle Positions is the first ever app oncuddling positions to help pave the way to an epic cuddling session! Whether it is Couples or Platonic Partners or Professional Cuddlers or Touch Therapist, this fun and informational app is catered towards all. Cuddling is more intimate than a romantic date or even more than sex. Cuddling is bonding, warmth and care giving. With a simple act of spreading your arms to give an embracing hug to your cuddle buddy, you can be joined together in such an intense bond that may not be best described in words. The genuine touch says it all! Be it with your partner, cuddle professional, cuddle enthusiast, cuddle therapist, your favorite four-legged friend, or a comfy body support pillow, cuddling is an awesome way to de-stress and create intimacy. But there’s more to cuddling than simply wrapping your arms around someone and holding tight. Cuddling is a bonding language all its own.

The Cuddle Positions app with over 52 cuddle positions along with their deeper meaning is one of the most all-encompassing app for the act of cuddling. With some of the gaming features added, it is even more fun. It has very valuable and insights filled with detailed descriptions along with soothing pictures in form of illustrations. As they say picture speaks 1000 words! Explore our app to learn the most intimate ways to express affection, whether you’re in the privacy of your own bedroom or walking down Main Street.

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App Features Includes:

1. 52 Cuddling positions spread across 4 categories

2. Ask Magic 8 Ball for the Cuddle position of the moment

3. Feel Lucky – Try our Shuffle Card to find your Cuddle Position Card of the Moment

4. Play soothing music in the background while enjoying our cuddle positions

5. Mark your favorite Cuddle Positions

6. Ability to win $25 – Treasture Hunt inside the app if you can locate it

7. Lots of other resourceful information and more!

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Cuddle Personalities

Wanting to cuddle your other half surely says a lot about your relationship. But do you know what it says about you or your partner based on how you guys cuddle? Well, there is a lot of difference between cuddling your other half, best friend, cuddle buddy, or any other person. CuddleConnect is certainly an ideal platform for people interested in platonic cuddle-based friendships. And if you are reading this post, there are greater chances that either you are curious about your cuddling personality or looking forward to the perfect way to cuddle someone.

Thereby, it is important to devise the correct style per your partner and let’s see what your cuddling styles showcase about your personality. Follow this post and learn more about what your cuddling style says about your personality.

Big Spoon

Women who like big spoon are rare. If you like big spoon cuddling style, you are probably a leading one-half and loves to take control of your man. In this scenario, the male is often vulnerable, and the female takes hold of the man from behind. This can also reflect your love for him. In addition, you also succeed in showing him the added affection, love, and dominant behavior.

When it comes to man, if you are someone who likes to be grabbed by your cuddle partner, you are a submissive, shy, and loving person. Overall, people engaging in big spoon cuddling style comprises a dominant woman and a shy loving man.

Little Spoon

A couple engaged in the little spoon cuddling compromises a dominant male and a protected female. Most men love to hold the women they love from behind and slowly make their way through her shoulder. When it comes to women, if you like little spoon cuddling style, there are chances that you are someone who feels satisfied to be protected by her man.

You are a possessive, romantic, and an idealistic guy if you love to grab her from behind on the bed. On the other hand, woman engaging in little spoon have a shy yet jumpy personality.

Under Arm

If you guys have been cuddling with you laying head on his arm, the above two cuddling styles may not serve the same deal or satisfaction to you. This is because women who prefer sleeping and cuddling on his arm often don’t like bodies draped all over like little spoon and a big spoon.

For such people, an arm with head on and his hand on the shoulder means so much in a relationship. If you are someone who loves this cuddling style, you like to keep things balanced on the bed.

Overall, under arm cuddling style is liked by a woman who wants to keep a distance while staying close on bed and shy man who has a hard time engaging with newer people.

On Chest

This is certainly the most common cuddling position above all. Women love to lean on her partner and share everything since they last met. Whether it is your husband, friend, roommate, sibling, or your cuddling companion, you don’t like to go through situations alone.

Overall, people who prefer on chest cuddling style want a supportive partner to lean on before sleep. Generally, such a woman has an emotional, yet romantic personality and man prefers protecting the love of his life. On-chest cuddling style is often adopted by true lovers but considering the sincerity, seriousness, and amicability, many cuddle buddies find it really promising to spend time in this position.

In a nutshell, if you are planning to meet your cuddle-buddy for the first time, on-chest cuddling position can be an ideal position to spend quality time.

Final Verdict

Even the slightest change in the way you talk, sleep, or cuddle with someone tells something about you. There are over a dozen cuddle positions liked by different personalities. A cuddle position liked by most cuddle buddies or friends may not serve the same deal to you.

If you are going to meet your first cuddle-based friend through CuddleConnect, it may be best to start with on-chest position cuddling style and then move to the under-arm style. Both cuddling styles offer a sense of freedom and once you get comfortable, move on to the big spoon or little spoon per your personality traits.

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