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Art of Touch and Cuddling – Cuddle Positions & Benefits

Explore the Art and Science behind touch and cuddles

If there is any act you can engage to help your body and soul, it is cuddling. This prolonged affectionate touch does not only help cuddle buddies or platonic friends, it is also beneficial to the body, mind and health.

This article will explain what cuddling is, different cuddling positions, general benefits of cuddling and the scientific benefits of cuddling

Cuddling may sound simple but giving it a critical look, there are invaluable benefits that you can get from a good cuddle.

The very first point here is what cuddling is. In short, cuddling is a way of showing affection by holding close in one’s arm. Also, it is important you know that cuddling is not necessarily a full body activity, you can cuddle with your full body and you can cuddle with as much little body contact too.

The bottom line is that cuddling experience is defined by a prolonged affectionate touch.

Best cuddling positions

The first and most popular cuddling position is the “Spoon”

This cuddling position is not only the ultimate cuddling position, it is the most popular. While lying close to each other, the big spoon wraps his/her arm round the cuddle partner with the stomach resting against the partners back.

Spooning Cuddle Position

The “Honeymoon hug”

This is practically the most beneficial cuddling position because it takes cuddling to the next level. This allows you entwine yourself round your partner with you face directly facing each other. This position brings you very close to your partner.

Cuddle Friends sleeping in bed in embrace in the most popular Cuddle position called Honeymoon hug Cuddling Position

Honeymoon Hug Cuddle Position

The sweetheart cradle

Can also be tagged the trust cuddle allows you lie on your back with your lie on your back while partner rest their heads on your chest. This cuddling position creates a feeling of well-being and trust.

The Half spoon Hug (almost similar to sweetheart cradle)

If you are not comfortable with the spoon cuddling position explained above, then you can opt for the half spoon. The half spoon cuddling position allows you get close to your partner to feel fuzzy and warm.

This cuddling position allows you lie on the bigger spoon lie on his/ her back and the smaller spoon lies beside with his/her arms round the partner.

Sweetheart Cradle – one of the most popular cuddle position

Other beneficial cuddling positions include;

  • The leg hug; hugging each other with the leg
  • The butt pillow; using your partners butt as your pillow
  • The lap pillow; using your partner lap as your pillow
  • The arm draper; you and your partner arms are draped round while facing each other.

Benefits of cuddling

Creating intimacy and relieving stress explains the benefits of a good cuddle but there is more to cuddling than having body contact. Here are few benefits including the scientific benefits of cuddling;

Cuddling increases bonding among friends

The cuddle hormone is called Oxytocin, this hormone is released after cuddling and it leaves a form of connection and loving feeling.

Oxytocin also has a social bonding aspect which explains how the hormone helps bond with people in your inner cycle. This simply means, the more you cuddle with your close friends the tighter your relationship or bond.

Cuddling boost immune system

Cuddling involves massage and studies have shown that it helps produce more white blood cells that help against fighting disease. It also allows the body produces fewer hormones for decreased cortisol level. Lastly, it results in decrease in the in cytokines that causes inflammation.

Cuddling lowers blood pressure

This requires little or no explanation because cuddling is known to produce calming effect which in return lowers blood pressure. Research and studies have shown that holding hands and hugging helps lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

There is a linkage between high blood pressure and stroke or heart disease. Good cuddling will help get rid of high blood pressure.

This also implies that good and regular cuddling should be part of the treatment plan for high blood pressure.

Cuddling helps relieves stress and anxiety

Research and studies have shown that cuddling increases the serotonin and dopamine in the body. These hormones (serotonin and dopamine) helps regulate mood, relieves stress and anxiety.

Cuddling helps relieve pain

Using cuddling as a therapeutic touch helps in reducing pain.

Therapeutic touch is the act of placing the hands on or close to the body to promote natural healing and balance energy.

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