Cuddle Up to Me

National Cuddle up Day

Originally, we started Cuddle Connect site and thought of coming up with a Cuddle Connect’s Cuddle Day of the year. We decided to pick 21st December to be the most ideal day for us to define as the cuddle day for the various reasons. You can find about the reasons more here. But after we were educated that there is already a National Cuddle up Day, we decided why to reinvent the wheels on it 🙂 ! So when is truly the National Cuddle up Day if not on 21st December? – Well, National Cuddle Up Day falls on January 6 for a very important reason.


Primary reason being that January has some of the coldest temperatures of the year. Making January as a great excuse for anyone to cuddle up with ones closest to you! Get real cozy in January for cuddles. Cuddling is not just limited to married couples or people in dating relationships. You can cuddle with your children, cuddle with your friends or buddies, cuddle with your pets, cuddle up with siblings. Cuddling is not just to be get romantic but it is more about spending a quality time connecting at intimate levels that could be more affection oriented or care oriented.

Did you know you can even pay Professional Cuddlers on our website or mobile apps to cuddle with you? Our site also have Cuddle Buddy Enthusiasts who cuddle for free. Find a cuddle buddy and get ready to cuddle up this January!


Century – In the early 1500s – Cuddle as a term first got introduced into English

Century – In the early 2000s – It was proven by several research efforts that cuddling is extremely beneficial at various levels. A great thing to be added into our routine of self care. Benefits controlling your blood pressure, stress level, anxiety, depression, and may more aspects!

Year – In the year 2015 – First Cuddle Convention took place. Growing platonic health wellness oriented communities started to get recognition in form of awareness at various levels

Why National Cuddle Up Day Matters?

Significant Mental Health Benefits – Act of Cuddle comforts our body and even more importantly it has significant benefits for our state of mind. Cuddles releases happy hormones like oxytocin / dopamine — a chemical in the brain that helps improve focus and memory.

Cuddling Makes you Feel good – Effective for warming your body and more importantly your heart – Well, thanks to the oxytocin released! This “feel-good” hormone offers tremendous health benefits, like giving us the “warm fuzzies” and reducing aches and pains. Oxytocin also reduces heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and even decreases stress and anxiety. So, no matter when you cuddle up, you’re bound to benefit from these mood-boosting side effects.

Strengthens Connection & Builds Relationships – Cuddling with someone enhances your connection with that person. Even if you’re not verbally communicating, this type of contact helps increase feelings of trust, comfort, safety, and reassurance between cuddle partners. These feelings can also remain long after the cuddle session is over.

How to Celebrate National Cuddle Up Day on this 6th January 2020?

Cuddle up – Just the national day suggests “Cuddle up” 🙂 ! It’s not about being romantic or getting sexually active. Cuddling goes way beyond that. Cuddle partner can cuddle platonic for affectionate bonding and care. That’s why every sibling or friends or even furry pets can make excellent cuddle buddies!

Schedule a Therapeutic Cuddle or Massage session – Cuddle Therapy is an emerging industry just like Massage Industry. Cuddle Therapists offers services that benefits you in areas such as stress reduction and positive feelings of well-being.

Socialize – Spread the word about National Cuddle Up Day? Use the hashtag #NationalCuddleUpDay and #CuddleConnect ! Share with us on Instagram @cuddleconnectcc with us how you’re celebrating this wonderful feel-good cuddly national holiday.

Get Cuddle up Creative – Well these are just some ideas or thoughts to celebrate. At times, all we would have to do is go out, socialize with our friends, or hug our family. Give someone a consent affectionate hug! Play with your pets, cuddle up with them. Cuddle up by the fire place with your cuddle buddy, or listen to music. Play fun cuddle games.

Some other reasons to cuddle up

Physical touch can communicate trust, commitment, safety, and reassurance. This goes for human to human contact as well has human to pet contact. Cuddling communicates all these things which are vital to a strong connection and bonding to form a valuable relationship.

Cuddles help a mother bond much better with her infant or toddler children. As cuddling releases Oxytocin, it relaxes the mother so breastfeeding may come more easily. It also enables sleep, even when the mother might have difficulty sleeping with a newborn in the house.

Cuddling can actually help with social anxiety which helps you have a positive outlook on the world. 

National Cuddle Up Day is a real day! And while some may debate that the true-true origins of the holiday remains wrapped in mystery. The debate is not worth against the intent of this day! Cuddle up Day is a reminder for all of us about the health benefits of hugs and daylong snuggle parties are supported by science!

Think no more and say your Cuddle Buddy – Cuddle Up to me now !

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Good Cuddler Rapport

Let us be at the top of the basics of developing a good rapport relationships with others and be a good cuddler or cuddle buddy.

In short, it is necessary to ask questions, to have a positive, open attitude, to encourage an open exchange of communications (both verbal and unspeakable), to listen to verbal and unspeakable communications and to share positive feedback.

Here are the important details of each step:


The Building Report is close to interviewing someone for opening a job, or it can be like a journalist searching for a story.

Relax and get to know the other person with the intention of finding common ground or items of interest. You can begin by simply commenting on the choice of other people’s clothes, if they are in person, or on their computer, if they are online, and by following up on related questions.

For example, in person, you could compliment the other person on their choice of color and or maybe a pin, ring or other piece of jewelry and ask where they came from.

You can praise the other individuals in online communication, smile faces or whatever, say the conversation is friendly and ask them if they write a lot.

After that, essentially, you can clear of topics that might attract or trigger discussion and lead the individual slowly to common ground.


Have a good attitude, leave home (or in a cabinet, when you are out) with social marks. 

Many can tell you immediately whether you feel negative or superior. 

And treat others as you want to be treated. Give everyone a chance.


Encourage others to share your experiences. Some are shy, fearful and unaware of the opportunities to talk and accept. There is therefore an interaction with the language of the body and the verbal communication. Open your arms to the other person, look carefully (within your eyes not gazing or staring) and speak to them with a warm smile.


Be a listener that’s engaged. Don’t dwell on what you’re going to say next. Listen to what the other person says and take your cues, when remembering the language of your body.

For example, when someone else folds his arms and sounds irritated, the subject may be changed or space and distance are required, maybe try to approach him later and make an excuse to go and make a telephone call (head to the buffet table or escape somewhere).

If the other person leans towards you, on the other hand, imitate each of your words and connect to you as if you were old friends, BINGO. You have created a relationship!


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Who are Professional Cuddlers and How are they helping touch deprived people?

To hug the people whom we love, is important for two reasons. First of all, hugs evoke the child’s sense of protection. In childhood, whenever something happened to us, we would quickly hug our mother. Only from her gentle touch would it be easier for us immediately. And when we grow up, that child who walks in a mother’s embrace lives in the part of our soul. That’s why every man is feeling better when he gets hugged in a difficult situation by someone close and benevolent. Yet, does this mean that we need a hug from only those people we know? Does the embrace have value and if we get it from a stranger? How about professional cuddler?

Actually, the needs hug. A gentle touch. And that’s it. There is not much philosophy in it. A lifelong touch is necessary for a person, and scientists have discovered why. The touch, namely, stimulates the work of the central nervous system, strengthens the immunity, raises hemoglobin and stimulates the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, which makes us feel good in our skin and have a positive experience of the world. Parents are therefore advised to calm small children as often with the soft touch that encourages their mental and physical development. Children who are not sufficiently mature in early childhood can later have emotional difficulties.

But what is exactly the job of the professional cuddler? Touching, hugging, conversations, friendly massage, platonic going out to dinner, to the movies … Basically, any activity that you can work with a friend, is one of the professional job descriptions of the professional cuddler. However, one needs to be careful and understand this profession in the right way. Because it really is a profession. On every website for professional cuddlers, it is stated that they don’t offer any sexual services, and prices vary depending on the state, but some average is about 80 US dollars per hour for the service of these caring professionals. The “friendly” telephone conversation costs about $ 50 an hour, and those who want to sleep at night for eight hours the price can get up to $ 500. Interesting, but does it works?

Experts say that hugging stimulates the parasympathetic system which is responsible for relaxation. At this point, besides oxytocin, serotonin, the dopamine which are released stimulate good mood and strengthen immunity. Experiences of people with professional cuddlers prove that this way can overcome traumas and improve mood in general quality of life.

Their experiences have also revealed that hugging, such as a glass of wine, enhances our generosity and compassion. Relaxing makes us better and more empathetic. In addition, it reduces the sense of fear and loneliness. Oxytocin is released by the touch, which relaxes and braves us before talking about work, the first love meeting or any situation in which we are going and it may be stressful for us.

It often happens that this profession is confused with professions such as prostitution. It’s a big mistake. Most often, the reason for this is stated is that the hugging can be more intimate than sex. And people who are not informed well often tell that the cuddlers have found the way to “redeem love”. But what they do is completely opposite of this accusation. They bring love and peace to one who needs them most.

How to choose a professional cuddler


There are many in the offer, but only some people work in the way that suits you. We are sure that in the first place it is important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed, and that you are in the hands of a true professional. Then, there is a decisive price factor. Also, have you ever thought – I want to do something pleasant for myself, but I do not want it to be public? There are some universal guidelines to go when choosing a right service for you.

Important factors are:

Comprehensive offer in one place, which means that the service completely meets your needs.

Pleasant and relaxed ambiance to make you feel peaceful and happy.

In the beginning, you can reduce costs and choose one of the offered packages in relation to your needs.

Choose the best service according to your finances.

The clients most appreciate respect, kindness, reasonable counseling and the feeling of being welcomed.

After all that is said you might be still wondered – if this safe for me?

All important and responsible firms have a privacy policy, but whether this is the case with professional cuddlers?

Privacy is something of great importance. Each of us wants to preserve a part of our intimate and rarely who is ready to share it with the world. Often, people are confusing privacy and confidentiality. Private is all that an individual voluntarily wants to keep for himself, and the secret is something that an individual is forced to keep secret from others.

For example, if a person speaks to a doctor, what is spoken about them should remain confidential – this conversation is not a secret, but it is private. If a person goes to lunch with someone else and does not want to tell his colleagues, when they asked who you were with, it’s not a secret lunch but a private one. If a person does not want to say his monthly personal receipt – this is not a matter of secrecy but a private matter.

On the other hand, the secret is when a person shows to shame or fears of consequences. This should not be compulsorily unlawful. Just like the choice of professional cuddler service is. Absolutely has nothing to do with sex, it is not illegal, it does not belong to the domain of intimidation, but it can be confidential if you want it.

Is it safe? You are the one who chooses. You choose the way and method of service that suits you as long as it is within the limits of intimacy. You are as safe as when you go to the massage. Even more.


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What is Cuddle Party and What are Cuddle Groups

Cuddle Parties and Cuddling Groups

What are they?

Cuddling, for boosting up your oxytocin level. A group of strangers could be a source of glee! But how can it be? By hands in hand, and a mysterious cuddle. A cuddle party is based on, however, an intensity of its own love. Your life, bank on, the happiness but this happiness comes true if you really want what you desire. The worries about to go out when you fell the happiness of a cuddle party with the strangers. Really with strangers…? Yeah, this will be hilarious and more appreciable. Cuddle Party is a playful social event to lessen your stress and anxiety, and exploring boundaries of your limitations.

Why are they?

In this deprived world people eager to go on these place and give a spoon of peace to the strangers. I have come across the value of these cuddling evening whenever I feel more deprived and want ease in life. Cuddling helps them, to diminish their worries and anxieties as such groups are really obliging and happiness booster for the deprived people. It is totally alteration from anti-social to social, from deprived to wittiness, from being alone to search out a partner, as it gives more happiness.

Who attends them?

People around the world, make cuddling evening with fun and pleasure. Whether it may be the group of female or male, even children to amuse themselves. There is no discrimination against sex. Both can enjoy according to their drive. As scientists show that the bunch of people are really helpful to get rid of all worries and bitter behavior of the world.

What do they get out of it?

Immense pleasure and nonstop able fun can be gain out through these parties. In everyone’s life, he or she really need someone who can take care of him or her and make their life delighted. You need someone who’d be enough for you and this bliss should be long-lasting. Cuddle groups are really appreciable and admirable so, frequently it has listened the wish that every fellow made,

“I wish we could cuddle the night away, I wish it could never turn into day.”

Once my friend got depressed and no way to come out then I suggest him to go to near cuddle shop and live according to your way. First of all, he looks down on this suggestion but later on, he drags on this proposal he got ready. Then his fortune prove so true and after spending some time in the cuddling shop he has enough enthusiasm to go on.


How to be part of such groups or parties:

Cuddle parties and cuddle group are being held for a long time ago. By now all the deprived and frustrated individuals engrossed themselves in these cuddling meet up. For performing such activities the signboard called out the “Cuddle shop” all over the world and there isn’t any sexual activity, and you’re not to be laid there but for the cuddle. Cuddling has been empowering its importance by making a peaceful environment via cuddle shop. And this peacefulness can be found in the shape of cuddle shop around you. You have to find them.

Dos and Don’ts

As this social event have a lot of delights and would be appreciable in every manner then it can be fulfilled by some rules. So enjoying in the more contented background will able you, to be relaxed in every matter. No doubt at all. So, the group of cuddles and parties are monitored by the trained cuddling facilitators. They are very conscious about their customers that is why they apply the following rule that will be double the happiness while cuddling meet up.

Cuddle party rules and regulation.

  • While enjoying the cuddle parties keep tight your pajamas.
  • All are strangers for you but you don’t have to cuddle with anyone.
  • Before touching someone you need to take his or her permission.
  • You can laugh and cry to overcome your stress level.
  • Sharing about the cuddle parties you ought to think about their privacy.
  • Clear you ambiguities and misconceptionwith cuddle party facilitators.

There are folks who are shy and want to rather have their time spent one-on-one with another cuddle buddy. Cuddle Connect is the right place for everyone!


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