Cuddle Personalities

Wanting to cuddle your other half surely says a lot about your relationship. But do you know what it says about you or your partner based on how you guys cuddle? Well, there is a lot of difference between cuddling your other half, best friend, cuddle buddy, or any other person. CuddleConnect is certainly an ideal platform for people interested in platonic cuddle-based friendships. And if you are reading this post, there are greater chances that either you are curious about your cuddling personality or looking forward to the perfect way to cuddle someone.

Thereby, it is important to devise the correct style per your partner and let’s see what your cuddling styles showcase about your personality. Follow this post and learn more about what your cuddling style says about your personality.

Big Spoon

Women who like big spoon are rare. If you like big spoon cuddling style, you are probably a leading one-half and loves to take control of your man. In this scenario, the male is often vulnerable, and the female takes hold of the man from behind. This can also reflect your love for him. In addition, you also succeed in showing him the added affection, love, and dominant behavior.

When it comes to man, if you are someone who likes to be grabbed by your cuddle partner, you are a submissive, shy, and loving person. Overall, people engaging in big spoon cuddling style comprises a dominant woman and a shy loving man.

Little Spoon

A couple engaged in the little spoon cuddling compromises a dominant male and a protected female. Most men love to hold the women they love from behind and slowly make their way through her shoulder. When it comes to women, if you like little spoon cuddling style, there are chances that you are someone who feels satisfied to be protected by her man.

You are a possessive, romantic, and an idealistic guy if you love to grab her from behind on the bed. On the other hand, woman engaging in little spoon have a shy yet jumpy personality.

Under Arm

If you guys have been cuddling with you laying head on his arm, the above two cuddling styles may not serve the same deal or satisfaction to you. This is because women who prefer sleeping and cuddling on his arm often don’t like bodies draped all over like little spoon and a big spoon.

For such people, an arm with head on and his hand on the shoulder means so much in a relationship. If you are someone who loves this cuddling style, you like to keep things balanced on the bed.

Overall, under arm cuddling style is liked by a woman who wants to keep a distance while staying close on bed and shy man who has a hard time engaging with newer people.

On Chest

This is certainly the most common cuddling position above all. Women love to lean on her partner and share everything since they last met. Whether it is your husband, friend, roommate, sibling, or your cuddling companion, you don’t like to go through situations alone.

Overall, people who prefer on chest cuddling style want a supportive partner to lean on before sleep. Generally, such a woman has an emotional, yet romantic personality and man prefers protecting the love of his life. On-chest cuddling style is often adopted by true lovers but considering the sincerity, seriousness, and amicability, many cuddle buddies find it really promising to spend time in this position.

In a nutshell, if you are planning to meet your cuddle-buddy for the first time, on-chest cuddling position can be an ideal position to spend quality time.

Final Verdict

Even the slightest change in the way you talk, sleep, or cuddle with someone tells something about you. There are over a dozen cuddle positions liked by different personalities. A cuddle position liked by most cuddle buddies or friends may not serve the same deal to you.

If you are going to meet your first cuddle-based friend through CuddleConnect, it may be best to start with on-chest position cuddling style and then move to the under-arm style. Both cuddling styles offer a sense of freedom and once you get comfortable, move on to the big spoon or little spoon per your personality traits.

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Benefits of Cuddling in a Relationship

After a hectic day at work, there will be hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to cuddle with the love of his/her life. It is natural for everyone to have their own preference, do’s, and don’ts in sex but when it comes to a good cuddle, everyone loves it. In fact, it plays a key role in keeping a relationship healthier and ever-green.

Considering the importance of cuddles in a relationship, Cuddle Connect is aimed to promote healthy touch and platonic cuddles for inner wellness. Note that Cuddle Connect is not a dating or relationship site. Cuddle Connect is focused on the significance of touch and cuddle oriented wellness, by helping strangers connect with each other for PLATONIC cuddles.

Whether your relationship is suffering from a misunderstanding, gap, or any other personal problem, this post enlists a better way to get everything on the track – cuddling.

Why Cuddling is Better?

Having someone wrap you in their arms and making you feel important and close is far more important to most people than sex. This is because cuddling promotes a healthier yet emotional touch than sex. Thereby, this makes both of partners satisfied with the ever-growing healthy relationship.

No doubt sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship, but hugging, kissing, and cuddling is the foundation of a healthier yet satisfied relationship. Showing your love to someone will make them satisfied, happier, and closer.

Reasons Why Cuddling is Important

In addition, here are some reasons why cuddling can lead to a better, healthier, and stronger relationship.

Direct Emotions

The intimate you get when you are in someone else’s arms promotes direct emotions and people often get sentimental, unsteady, and serious. In simple words, your loved one will either burst of joy or tears due to the feelings they couldn’t share at the first place. Cuddling is like an invisible force which pulls couple together to form a divine connection.

If you think that your partner is not opening to you, a good cuddle can help both of you break through your emotional barriers and get closer.

Gentle Is More

Sometimes, when one of you isn’t feeling good and just want to call it a day, cuddling can efficiently change the mood. While sex might be the most intimate thing in your relationship, kissing, cuddling, hugging, caressing one’s arms, playing with hair, and enjoying laying in each other’s arms can develop feelings which sex couldn’t do so far.

Better Sleep

If you are in a relationship, there are greater chances that your partner has rejected a sex request at least for once. It can be due to a headache, hectic day, tiresome health, and more. Guess what? A good cuddle can be an all-in-one solution to all these problems. It can also lead to a little quality nap which can wipe off the annoying behavior within minutes.

Thereby, wrapping your partner into your arms and snuggling for a while till you guys sleep can build a stronger yet emotional bond.

No Time Limit

The best part about snuggling is that it never gets enough. Though sex might be a little more good for most of you, it is annoying when one person decides to get it done. On the other hand, no one has ever decided to stop a good cuddle until they fall asleep. Thus, it lasts a lot longer than sex.

So, spending more time with your partner and in each other’s arms promotes a healthier and long-lasting relationship. And both of you would want to spend more and more time together.

Final Verdict

Having someone in your arms is certainly the most beautiful feeling when you are in love. Still concerned about the importance of cuddling? Well, people are now even choosing cuddle sites over dating ones to avail the best physical manifestation from a friendship based on cuddle. Similarly, CuddleConnect can help you connect to an ideal cuddle friend near you. Thus, now is the time to avail a natural way to your mental well-being.

Learn more about finding your cuddle buddies here.

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The Power of a Mother’s Touch

Cuddling is considered as an important therapy for stronger and satisfying relationships both in terms of psychology and science. And by “relationships”, we meant everyone you have ever loved in your life including your children, parents, grandparents and most of all the love of your life.

Cuddling your loved one’s releases Oxycontin hormones in your body which makes our body, as well as brain, relax and calm. As this article talks about the effects of cuddling your baby often and early, let’s get straight to the point.

The Power of a Mother’s Touch

According to a biological research conducted, it is held that cuddling your baby results in several benefits, positive factors, and greater health. Though your little one may be too small to judge certain actions, the power of a mother’s touch should never be underestimated.

From physical attachment to brain development, a mother’s touch is the best remedy for a new-born child. Setting aside all the “good feels” every parent gets when snuggling beside a new-born, several types of research has concluded that cuddled children are most likely to grow healthier, kinder, active, vicarious, and less depressed.

This also works the same way for the mother. After giving birth to a baby, a woman goes through a lot of mental as well as physical fatigues. Therefore, cuddling baby serves as a natural remedy for the mother as well.

As discussed earlier, cuddling increases Oxycontin hormones in the body and according to a study at the World Health Organization (WHO), it was concluded that the increased amount of Oxycontin serves equal benefits to the mother and baby.

In addition, about 125 babies – full term and premature – were observed carefully at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to see if the babies respond to their parents touch differently. Guess what? The result was positive. Not only this, premature babies who had greater contact with their parents grow stronger and effectively than those who don’t.

Children Love Cuddles

Touch is the very first sense new-born develop. Therefore, early skin-to-skin contact with the baby not only stimulates the baby’s brain but also makes them happier. Children who are cuddled by their parents are less likely to go through mental illness or any other psychological effect later in life.

Another example why a mother’s touch is essential for baby is that new-born are placed in the mother’s arms right after the birth. The skin-to-skin touch with the mother stimulate their breathing and soothes heart rate by the delicate sound of the mother’s heartbeat.

Therefore, now is the best time to love your baby all you want, and cuddling is the best way to enhance their immunity to negative psychological effects that come later in life.

Final Verdict

Overall, cuddling plays a key role in the development and recovery of both mother and child. Not only this, but it also works like a wonder among adults. Thereby, people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression should try cuddling with their loved ones. And if you are single or lonely or divorced or craving human touch, look no further than Cuddle Connect to find an ideal cuddling buddy near you.

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Cuddling Relationship Types

Platonic Relationship and Platonic Friendship

Platonic means a love or friendship that involves emotional feelings and could be intimate but non-sexual. Most time we portray these intimate feelings through certain actions and behaviors and cuddling is one of the common behaviors found among platonic friendship.

Platonic cuddling friendship is a kind of cuddling that involves an intimate and physical contact, although it involves some degree of body touching, but no sexual behavior.  Platonic cuddling friendship induces great importance to our lives especially in individuals struggling with commitment-oriented relationships, or social stigma. It also creates amazing health benefit in our lives.

Click on Infographics visual to zoom and view deeper insights of cuddling relationships

Cuddling and Types of Relationship

Types of Relationship – Platonic, QueerPlatonic, Romantic, Dating

Queerplatonic Relationship

Queerplatonic is a relationship that features intimacy and closeness between the two partners. It could be a romantic relationship or a non-romantic relationship. Basically, it involves a platonic relationship, that is a close emotional connection which some people consider to be friendship. The intimacy and level of commitment in a queerplatonic relationship are greater than a romantic relationship. Although, the queerplatonic relationship may involve sex, while others don’t. Individuals in this relationship don’t consider themselves as best friends because it is far more than that, although at the surface you may think they are just close friends. A queerplatonic relationship can be in whatever orientation the partners choose, either as an aromatic or asexual relationship. You may rarely find two QPRs that are the same, either they involve kissing and sex, or just one of them, while others don’t involve either of them.

Romantic Relationship

When some people hear the term romantic relationship, they easily conclude that it must be a sexual relationship, but in reality, it may not be in such direction. A romantic relationship can be an intimate relationship, where the involved partners respects each other. It is an emotional connection that may involve physical, but not necessarily sexual intercourse. An intimate relationship provides the platform for you to grow as a partner in your personal life.

Dating Relationship – Is Platonic Cuddling Friendship Different from Dating?

Platonic Cuddling is an action implemented by individuals that share a common feeling or by professionals to an individual that wishes to feel intimate without any sexual pleasure. This could be a parent to child relationship, a couple in a romantic relationship, or a professional cuddling service.

Dating is also an intimate relationship between two people, it could involve cuddling and other sexual pleasures. When people who date cuddle, it mostly leads to sex. Most people that date usually prefer spooning when alone with their lover. Spooning is an intimate behavior where the taller or male partner stay behind and they curl into the shape of a spoon.  The partner behind will place his arm around their partner, this position mostly leads to sexual intimacy.

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Communication as A Key Language in Touch, Cuddling, Human Contact, and Human Connection

Communication is indispensable

Against the backdrop of the fact that if we don’t communicate, we lose connection with our partners; the role of communication in touch, cuddling, human contact, and human connection cannot be overemphasized. Communication is the  key language all our endeavors.

Irrespective of the kind  of relationship you are in, communication is indispensable.. Communicating constitutes of non-verbal communication and it’s just as important as verbal communication if not more.

Touch and Cuddles are a powerful form of communication with your partner or cuddle buddies

Do you know that cuddling says more  than a thousand words to your partner? Touch is one of the best and most effective ways to communicate your emotions. Starving your partner of touch can communicate a negative feeling. In fact, as common as a handshake can be, it means a lot such as friendship, acceptance, agreement, and so on.

However, women are more opportune to be touched compared to men. It is essential for men to receive touch which aids good physiological development.

Power of  Communication with Touch and Words

Let’s examine these two scenarios. Two men have a pitch to present and they are both married. On the deal day, they are both nervous, the first man’s wife calls him into the room and embraces him with a bear  hug and also whispers into his ear saying, ”Make me proud.”

On the other hand, the second man is also nervous and when he is about to leave, his wife, who is still lying on bed, says, ”Make me proud dear.” From these two scenarios,, it is obvious that scene A will do better and what’s the difference? They both are nervous; their wives love them and said the same thing to them. The difference is Touch. Touch can make you feel loved again, cared for, reassured or desired.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, non-romantic, Asexual, Platonic, or Romantic, you need to understand the essence of touch in your relationship. You can make your loved ones feel loved and happy when you hug them, kiss them, or hold their hands.

Researches reveal the capacity and valuable roles of touch and cuddling in strengthening relationships/marriages. It is fundamental to know that touch is an essential element in the development of our physical, emotional and social lives. Touch, however, is the elementary stage in the cuddling process.

Unfortunately, not every one is able to receive the amount of touch or connect due to several reasons.  At – we help connect people with cuddle buddies who will nurture each other with this most valuable human bonding – Touch and Cuddles!

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