Cuddle Therapist

Interested to learn more about Cuddle Therapy and Cuddle Therapist? – Meet Porsha and learn a bit about this cuddle therapist and also what cuddle therapy is all about! A quick virtual pow-wow with Porsha that we hope you will find valuable !

In your own words express how you can help your clients interested in cuddle therapy ?

I help my (cuddle) clients through treating them with respect, being professional at all times, and what I provide through the experience. I don’t mind making them a cup of tea, asking about their life, and just being down to earth. 

Who in your opinion are your ideal clients for cuddling professionally ?

My ideal (cuddle) clients can be male or female, but someone that understands cuddle therapy, they are professional as well through action and hygiene, and they understand this is not a sexual service. 

What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling?

My unique skills are being a great communicator. I have a Human Resources and Public Relations background, so I am used to being around all walks of life. I am very relatable and understand the purpose of making sure a customer or client is satisfied. I know how to be in the mode to serve others through my gifts and talents. 

What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?

To make sure the session is in no way sexual. Yes, we are all human and different cuddle positions might turn clients on, but it’s important to stress that the sessions are for therapeutic purposes only. I make sure clients do not touch personal areas and I treat them with the same respect.  

How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?
When I am talking to them on the site, I explain cuddle therapy and what is acceptable and what is not. I’ve had professional clients for the most part, so no issues. An NDA is also helpful, but I’ve never gotten to that point. If I feel “off” about a client or if they are going the sexual route, I will explain my boundaries again and if it continues, I will not go to the session or if I’m in a session, I will leave. 

How you see yourself contributing to this community?

I would definitely like to work with other cuddle therapist in the industry to host cuddle parties and do humanitarian events to support the local community. The other responses are in my video

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me


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Cuddle Awards Announced!

Very recently we completed our first year as one of the fastest growing cuddle community! We are delighted to announce introduction of our cuddle awards of the year! These cuddling awards will be given to one of the selected professional cuddle buddies and enthusiast cuddle buddies.

This award is announcing our 2019 Enthusiast Cuddler of the Year! We are planning to introduce and announce 2019 professional cuddler of the year award soon in the coming weeks!

If you would like to learn more about our awards or would like to be participant, please contact us

Our 2019 Enthusiast Cuddle Member who has been selected by for this award is NYCLatnGuy! Congratulations to NYCLatnGuy!!! Our Award includes $25 gift card and 1 year of Elite Membership! Take a moment to watch this one minute video and an interview with our Enthusiast Cuddler of the Year!

A bit about NYCLatnGuy in his own words:

I was born and raised in NYC, but have lived all over the eastern USA for my education and later for employment. Moving to new cities every few years has afforded me the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people, but has at times also led to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Thanks to sites like CuddleConnect, I have been able to mitigate that and form connections with people I would otherwise never have met.

Were you always a cuddler, or is it a more recent thing in your life?

I have always loved physical contact, even from a young age, when I would climb on my family or lay on my friends. I always had my arm around someone, would lean on them, or hold hands with those I cared about. If one is familiar with the concept of the five love languages, physical touch is my primary way of expressing affection, and it has been a major part of my life experience for both platonic and romantic intimacy. In recent years I have been more keenly aware of its importance in my life.

What brought you here to Cuddle Connect?

As I have matured in my life and relationships, I have grown to understand and appreciate the importance of platonic intimacy in my life. It can be difficult to find other people who are interested in sharing intimacy and physical touch, but who are comfortable with removing the possibility of transition to romantic or sexual interactions. This has been particularly true when I have been involved in romantic relationships with others who value physical touch less or who are at a distance that does not allow for consistent contact. Knowing that I have shared interests with my fellow platonic cuddlers takes away the stress of feeling like there is pressure for anything more than what we have agreed to, or for a need to act or perform in a manner outside of simple friendship, affection and kindness.

What do you value most about cuddling?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of snuggling up with another willing person. The feeling of calm and relaxation that washes over you, the security of being in another’s arms, the softness of another’s gentle touch. Frankly, the experience of connection and closeness is what I find to be most valuable to me, and the effects last for days or weeks, improving my general mood and sleep. How do you most like to cuddle and be cuddled? Every experience with each individual cuddle partner varies, although all have their highlights. I have found that open, clear, and honest communication before and during cuddles has led most consistently to a feeling of mutual satisfaction. I feel that versatility and open-mindedness are key to optimizing any particular cuddle interaction, and the only thing I consistently ask for from all my partners is that the room temperature be slightly cooler, as body heat can make warmer spaces more difficult to endure.

How has your experience been here on Cuddle Connect so far?

Since the moment I joined almost a year ago, my experience on CuddleConnect has been a consistently positive one. I have found fulfillment in the opportunity to not only be part of a growing community of like-minded people, but thanks to the attentiveness and responsiveness of the site moderators, I have had the privilege of helping improve the experience for myself and others by giving feedback that they have implemented into practice. I am excited about where the site is going and am hopeful that it will continue to thrive as more curious and touch-starved people learn about the concept of platonic cuddling.

What kinds of things do you look for in a professional?

At various times in recent years, I have had the pleasure of employing professional cuddlers. It is often difficult as a private man with a hectic work and life schedule to find people who are willing to meet at my behest and at times with somewhat short notice. I find it extremely valuable that there are people who are willing to share affection tailored to my needs and who focus on me in exchange for reasonable compensation of their time and efforts. The consummate professional for me is someone who communicates clearly and consistently. Timeliness of communication and giving me the feeling of a genuine interest in helping me feel better are crucial to optimizing our experience.

What are some experiences that weren’t so positive?

I think that at the end of the day it is important to remember that the people who join sites like CuddleConnect are just people from all walks of life who are looking for a connection. Being mindful of the one generally shared goal, occasionally one will interact with another individual who they may not “mesh” with. I have found that this happens particularly when the communication is not clear and specific, and when expectations are not aligned. It does not matter if it is an interaction with another enthusiast or with a professional, if people do not approach each other non-judgmentally and with curiosity, the risk of friction rises. If we come to each other with empathy and understanding, even those interactions that are not uniformly positive can still be helpful to those involved and helped us all grow together as we try to navigate this exciting phenomenon of platonic cuddles!

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National Cuddle up Day

Originally, we started Cuddle Connect site and thought of coming up with a Cuddle Connect’s Cuddle Day of the year. We decided to pick 21st December to be the most ideal day for us to define as the cuddle day for the various reasons. You can find about the reasons more here. But after we were educated that there is already a National Cuddle up Day, we decided why to reinvent the wheels on it 🙂 ! So when is truly the National Cuddle up Day if not on 21st December? – Well, National Cuddle Up Day falls on January 6 for a very important reason.


Primary reason being that January has some of the coldest temperatures of the year. Making January as a great excuse for anyone to cuddle up with ones closest to you! Get real cozy in January for cuddles. Cuddling is not just limited to married couples or people in dating relationships. You can cuddle with your children, cuddle with your friends or buddies, cuddle with your pets, cuddle up with siblings. Cuddling is not just to be get romantic but it is more about spending a quality time connecting at intimate levels that could be more affection oriented or care oriented.

Did you know you can even pay Professional Cuddlers on our website or mobile apps to cuddle with you? Our site also have Cuddle Buddy Enthusiasts who cuddle for free. Find a cuddle buddy and get ready to cuddle up this January!


Century – In the early 1500s – Cuddle as a term first got introduced into English

Century – In the early 2000s – It was proven by several research efforts that cuddling is extremely beneficial at various levels. A great thing to be added into our routine of self care. Benefits controlling your blood pressure, stress level, anxiety, depression, and may more aspects!

Year – In the year 2015 – First Cuddle Convention took place. Growing platonic health wellness oriented communities started to get recognition in form of awareness at various levels

Why National Cuddle Up Day Matters?

Significant Mental Health Benefits – Act of Cuddle comforts our body and even more importantly it has significant benefits for our state of mind. Cuddles releases happy hormones like oxytocin / dopamine — a chemical in the brain that helps improve focus and memory.

Cuddling Makes you Feel good – Effective for warming your body and more importantly your heart – Well, thanks to the oxytocin released! This “feel-good” hormone offers tremendous health benefits, like giving us the “warm fuzzies” and reducing aches and pains. Oxytocin also reduces heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and even decreases stress and anxiety. So, no matter when you cuddle up, you’re bound to benefit from these mood-boosting side effects.

Strengthens Connection & Builds Relationships – Cuddling with someone enhances your connection with that person. Even if you’re not verbally communicating, this type of contact helps increase feelings of trust, comfort, safety, and reassurance between cuddle partners. These feelings can also remain long after the cuddle session is over.

How to Celebrate National Cuddle Up Day on this 6th January 2020?

Cuddle up – Just the national day suggests “Cuddle up” 🙂 ! It’s not about being romantic or getting sexually active. Cuddling goes way beyond that. Cuddle partner can cuddle platonic for affectionate bonding and care. That’s why every sibling or friends or even furry pets can make excellent cuddle buddies!

Schedule a Therapeutic Cuddle or Massage session – Cuddle Therapy is an emerging industry just like Massage Industry. Cuddle Therapists offers services that benefits you in areas such as stress reduction and positive feelings of well-being.

Socialize – Spread the word about National Cuddle Up Day? Use the hashtag #NationalCuddleUpDay and #CuddleConnect ! Share with us on Instagram @cuddleconnectcc with us how you’re celebrating this wonderful feel-good cuddly national holiday.

Get Cuddle up Creative – Well these are just some ideas or thoughts to celebrate. At times, all we would have to do is go out, socialize with our friends, or hug our family. Give someone a consent affectionate hug! Play with your pets, cuddle up with them. Cuddle up by the fire place with your cuddle buddy, or listen to music. Play fun cuddle games.

Some other reasons to cuddle up

Physical touch can communicate trust, commitment, safety, and reassurance. This goes for human to human contact as well has human to pet contact. Cuddling communicates all these things which are vital to a strong connection and bonding to form a valuable relationship.

Cuddles help a mother bond much better with her infant or toddler children. As cuddling releases Oxytocin, it relaxes the mother so breastfeeding may come more easily. It also enables sleep, even when the mother might have difficulty sleeping with a newborn in the house.

Cuddling can actually help with social anxiety which helps you have a positive outlook on the world. 

National Cuddle Up Day is a real day! And while some may debate that the true-true origins of the holiday remains wrapped in mystery. The debate is not worth against the intent of this day! Cuddle up Day is a reminder for all of us about the health benefits of hugs and daylong snuggle parties are supported by science!

Think no more and say your Cuddle Buddy – Cuddle Up to me now !

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Cuddle Boundaries

“Please don’t touch me without my permission”

– Mr. Little Boy

For cuddling or touch to exist, there needs to be a relationship between the two partners. The kind of relationship that can define the type and extent to which the individuals can cuddle or touch each other. The way a married couple will cuddle will not be the same way the individuals in a platonic relationship will cuddle. This section contains the different types of relationships.

Queer Platonic (QPRs)

Queer Platonic is a relationship that features intimacy and closeness between the partners involved. It could be a romantic relationship or a non-romantic relationship. Specifically, it involves a platonic relationship or a close emotional connection between two people. The intimacy and level of commitment in a Queer Platonic relationship is greater than a romantic relationship. Some Queer Platonic relationships may or may not involve sex. Individuals in this relationship don’t consider themselves as best friends; it is far more than that, though to the onlooker they are seen as close friends. A Queer Platonic relationship can appear in whatever orientation the partners choose; either as a non-romantic or asexual relationship. You may hardly find two QPRs that are the same. One may involve kissing and/or sex while the other does not involve either or both of them.


A romantic relationship is often defined as a sexual relationship. This is a general perception as not all romantic relationships are attached to sex or amorous affairs.
By definition, a romantic relationship is an intimate relationship where the involved partners respect each other. It is an emotional connection that may involve physical but not necessarily sexual intercourse. Essentially, it is an intimate relationship that provides two individuals the foundation to grow in their personal lives


The term platonic relationship refers to a relationship that has a degree of intimacy between two partners. What makes this relationship stand out amongst others is the absence of sexual activities. Yes, there is no sexual activity in platonic relationships despite the closeness and emotions being shared by the two parties. Boundaries A healthy relationship is one with boundaries. When boundaries are properly defined and respected, it will go a long way in making your relationship last longer. These boundaries can often be crossed based on mutual understanding. If boundaries are always broken, then there is a need to set up a wall. These walls could be distance, abstinence or restrictions. Relationships with boundaries bring the feelings of both parties into consideration. In less healthy relationships where boundaries are not respected, the partners involved function by assumptions. They believe their partner feels the same way they do. They are not concerned or bothered by the consequences of breaching their partner’s boundaries. Boundaries in a non-romantic, asexual or romantic relationship is very crucial. It enables each partner to avoid violating the intimate space of their partner. It is also very important to clearly communicate boundaries to our partners. This makes us feel safe and happier in our relationships.

What are Boundaries in a Relationship?

Defining of trigger words In this regard, there is a need for the clarity of language to be used; especially those words that hurt. It is important to discuss words that remind you of your past negative experiences.

Agreeing on what you tell friends If you have friends that you share intimate information about your relationships, it will be best to tell your partner about them. You and your partner will decide the extent of the information your friends should know about the relationship. The most important thing is for both of you to be in agreement on such a sensitive issue.

Setting sexual boundaries Being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be sexual boundaries. Determining what to do and what not to do to or with your partner is important.

Deciding what’s off-limits to share It is very important to set a boundary such as what is off-limits to share; this makes each partner feel more comfortable in the relationship.

The Importance of Boundaries None wants to be controlled but that is what most people do in their relationships which often brings untimely doom. We want to be in charge of everything and want our partner to do only what we perceive to be right. This is unfair. A relationship in this direction is heading towards disintegration. When boundaries are set, you create a mutually understood relationship; a relationship filled with respect and love. It makes for maintaining a successful relationship. It makes you feel safe and heard.

The Importance of Consent and How to Communicate Consent is the permission given to you by your partner to do something or break certain boundaries. It means the person is aware of the forthcoming event and knows about its possible consequence. They can even say no if they change their mind at any point in time and the refusal should be honored. Consent and boundaries work together. When your partner declines a move, it means they’ve created a boundary and breaking this boundary without consent is unhealthy in a relationship. In a purposeful relationship, consent is very important. It is the responsibility of the two parties in a relationship to make sure that they feel comfortable and safe with each other. The way you behave or your actions towards your partner will surely have an effect on their feelings about you and it will deeply affect the relationship either positively or negatively. Importance of Consent Prior to making a decision in a relationship, the consent of both individuals involved should be obtained. When the two parties give consent to an action and the action yields undesirable results, they will both walk through its consequence together rather than one party throwing the blame. For the sake of emphasis, consent is required in all relationship dealings, particularly one that includes sexual intimacy. There should always be a consensual sexual activity regardless of the level of intimacy. It is against the law to go against the will of your partner. It’s not just a crime but the emotional trauma it evokes may last forever. How to Communicate If you want to gain the consent of your partner, there is a need for communication and getting a feedback – Yes or No.

Communicating is an art that allows for feedback. – You must be honest and the following tips will guide your communication so as to positively win your partner’s consent: replica rolex watches

Be Confident

Everyone acknowledges the bold; so, start being confident Confidence attracts or makes a person pay total attention to you. It makes you look great and worth people’s time. Be honest, don’t be manipulative. Be respectful, and be receptive.

Show Interest

Great communication means giving space to the person you are communicating with and understanding that they need to understand you. This understanding cannot be achieved if there is constant rambling during a conversation. Be as clear as possible and show interest in being understood. You should also be able to make others feel free and confident to talk about themselves instead of just listening to you..

Listen Twice, Speak Once

It’s important to give the other person your undivided attention when they are talking as this will lead to an ease and flow. The ability to exercise patience while listening to your partner’s reasons will create the room for smooth-sailing communication..

Do Not Attack

To get your partner’s consent, you should be careful with your choice of words as well as your tone of voice. Harsh words can sound like an attack which can make your partner go on the defense and feel less receptive to your message.

Be Honest

The truth hurts most of the time but it is necessary for a healthy relationship. You should learn how to be honest with your partner. Make your motives open and very easy to understand. Once your partner senses an ulterior motive, it becomes hard to fully trust you.

Check Your Body Language

Knowing how to use body language to maintain an effective and efficient communication will give you an opportunity of gaining consent from your partner. Make sure you give your partner the undivided attention he/she deserves and do not engage in any other activities like playing with your phone during a conversation.

Would like to read or learn more? – We would recommend you to read some of our other related blogs or books or videos.

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