First Year Anniversary of Cuddle Mobile Apps and Cuddle Site Launch

Our Cuddle Toddler is almost approaching 1 year! A quick look back!

Back in the year 2005-2006, one of us launched a community dating and match making online website services. It was a great experience and one of the memorable smooth journey!

After being away from the online industry for few year, one of the days we got together in or around August of 2018 to discuss launching first ever mobile apps for Cuddling Community.

That very evening, one of us started to explore what all ready-made design themes are available and what all open source code base was accessible to build mobile apps with minimum features. Within no time we had the first alpha version of our cuddle mobile apps ready for both Android platform and iOS platform. While we were building cuddling app for smart phone and smart devices, we also created our new cuddle site.

While the techies were busy with coding the apps and site, one of us felt the need that we should create some short valuable videos for our snuggling community members and snuggle professionals. One of us stepped-in to start creating concise, and focused short cuddle videos and professional cuddle therapy online training videos too. Information oriented Cuddling Videos creation was probably one of the fun parts!

Developing apps (and site) was probably the most easy part for the techies! We did an alpha launch of the new cuddle apps and site by December end 2018 / early January 2019. We know, We know – we had few bugs, issues, and challenges with our mobile apps and site. Like every new site or apps, there are always some glitches or kinks that gets uncovered after launch :-). We are constantly working towards improving our apps and site experience. We could have probably done a better job with our aggressive regression testing. It was a lesson learnt and we are working on improving our production roll-outs here onwards!

Probably it was not the best decision to divert some of the resources to build the website for cuddlers along with mobile apps. Our primary goal was to build a full blown mobile app for cuddling community as there was none existing at that time and there is none existing till date! But looking back, we are glad we did the website too as we have found that we are able to equally attract valuable cuddlers to our site as much as we are attracting to our mobile apps.

Guess what was the hard part? – The hard part was within few weeks of the launch without even starting any marketing, we got swamped by fake profiles, scammers, impersonators, and what not! We felt like we were caught completely off-guard. We struggled for few days/weeks trying to manually chase down the origination points and block them step at a time. We had a realization it wasn’t a sustainable model, so we dropped all our improvements we were working towards and diverted our resources and energy towards figuring out measures we can take to curb fakers.

While we implemented several measures at each level from the point of entry into our snuggle apps and site, we learnt dealing with this fake is going to be an ongoing challenge. We were glad to notice that with the various measures we implemented, we almost noticed over 70% reduction in the fake profile influx. That was a definite win!

We understand in doing so, we might have implemented some false positive situations or un-required gates for our genuine members. But rest assured, our actions were in an effort to improve our member experience in the longer run. We are open to suggestions always. So please keep the communication channel open with your candid feedback!

It has not been an easy first year for us. But it was for EACH of you and your constant support, help, and kind words – that has kept us going! So we wanted to thank our growing snuggle community for the overwhelming support at all fronts!

There is so much more to share but we will save it for next time.

What a memorable first year!

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Good Cuddler Rapport

Let us be at the top of the basics of developing a good rapport relationships with others and be a good cuddler or cuddle buddy.

In short, it is necessary to ask questions, to have a positive, open attitude, to encourage an open exchange of communications (both verbal and unspeakable), to listen to verbal and unspeakable communications and to share positive feedback.

Here are the important details of each step:


The Building Report is close to interviewing someone for opening a job, or it can be like a journalist searching for a story.

Relax and get to know the other person with the intention of finding common ground or items of interest. You can begin by simply commenting on the choice of other people’s clothes, if they are in person, or on their computer, if they are online, and by following up on related questions.

For example, in person, you could compliment the other person on their choice of color and or maybe a pin, ring or other piece of jewelry and ask where they came from.

You can praise the other individuals in online communication, smile faces or whatever, say the conversation is friendly and ask them if they write a lot.

After that, essentially, you can clear of topics that might attract or trigger discussion and lead the individual slowly to common ground.


Have a good attitude, leave home (or in a cabinet, when you are out) with social marks. 

Many can tell you immediately whether you feel negative or superior. 

And treat others as you want to be treated. Give everyone a chance.


Encourage others to share your experiences. Some are shy, fearful and unaware of the opportunities to talk and accept. There is therefore an interaction with the language of the body and the verbal communication. Open your arms to the other person, look carefully (within your eyes not gazing or staring) and speak to them with a warm smile.


Be a listener that’s engaged. Don’t dwell on what you’re going to say next. Listen to what the other person says and take your cues, when remembering the language of your body.

For example, when someone else folds his arms and sounds irritated, the subject may be changed or space and distance are required, maybe try to approach him later and make an excuse to go and make a telephone call (head to the buffet table or escape somewhere).

If the other person leans towards you, on the other hand, imitate each of your words and connect to you as if you were old friends, BINGO. You have created a relationship!


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Hello, This is Matis and I am new. I am excited to share my journey and experience. I am a longtime sufferer of family trauma and social trauma. I am a survivor. I contacted a cuddle buddy Karis. I am going to meet up with them Wednesday at my space. I am excited to meet a new supportive friend. I have been to therapy and building my confidence with support groups. I am out as an intersex individual. I hope I can find great connections and build my support system. I found out about this through Facebook groups and the senior resources book senior blue book in my community. I am disabled. I have chronic health conditions. I am hoping to benefit with pain relief and someone to Talk with. I am excited to share this opportunity and I hope to make more friends in the future maybe even finally attend a cuddle party eventually. I have worked hard on setting boundaries and communication. So I finally know i am ready to reach-out and connect with others. I have been working on having more platonic relationships and making new friends. I am hopeful this will be a better experience than dating sites have been. I know that is not what Cuddling is about. I have always been a people person and a hugger. So i already have some good experience. I am also having hip surgery in the near future so i am hopeful this can be a part of my healing experience. I appreciate being able too share my experience with others here and look forward too writing more about my cuddles. at the moment my companion and service emotional support animal Krona puppy is my cuddle buddy.

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