Listening and Communication

Communication as A Key Language in Touch, Cuddling, Human Contact, and Human Connection

Communication is indispensable

Against the backdrop of the fact that if we don’t communicate, we lose connection with our partners; the role of communication in touch, cuddling, human contact, and human connection cannot be overemphasized. Communication is the  key language all our endeavors.

Irrespective of the kind  of relationship you are in, communication is indispensable.. Communicating constitutes of non-verbal communication and it’s just as important as verbal communication if not more.

Touch and Cuddles are a powerful form of communication with your partner or cuddle buddies

Do you know that cuddling says more  than a thousand words to your partner? Touch is one of the best and most effective ways to communicate your emotions. Starving your partner of touch can communicate a negative feeling. In fact, as common as a handshake can be, it means a lot such as friendship, acceptance, agreement, and so on.

However, women are more opportune to be touched compared to men. It is essential for men to receive touch which aids good physiological development.

Power of  Communication with Touch and Words

Let’s examine these two scenarios. Two men have a pitch to present and they are both married. On the deal day, they are both nervous, the first man’s wife calls him into the room and embraces him with a bear  hug and also whispers into his ear saying, ”Make me proud.”

On the other hand, the second man is also nervous and when he is about to leave, his wife, who is still lying on bed, says, ”Make me proud dear.” From these two scenarios,, it is obvious that scene A will do better and what’s the difference? They both are nervous; their wives love them and said the same thing to them. The difference is Touch. Touch can make you feel loved again, cared for, reassured or desired.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, non-romantic, Asexual, Platonic, or Romantic, you need to understand the essence of touch in your relationship. You can make your loved ones feel loved and happy when you hug them, kiss them, or hold their hands.

Researches reveal the capacity and valuable roles of touch and cuddling in strengthening relationships/marriages. It is fundamental to know that touch is an essential element in the development of our physical, emotional and social lives. Touch, however, is the elementary stage in the cuddling process.

Unfortunately, not every one is able to receive the amount of touch or connect due to several reasons.  At – we help connect people with cuddle buddies who will nurture each other with this most valuable human bonding – Touch and Cuddles!

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Value of being a good listener (and conversationalist) in Cuddling and Touch

Listening skill is a unique virtue that is required by everyone, particularly for the maintenance of a healthy relationship. The ability to listen goes beyond mere hearing; it incorporates your attention and being totally selfless at all times.

It is interesting to note that, your ability to listen makes your partner feel better and taken seriously. . This form of a situation is like an emotional burden being lifted off one’s shoulders . It builds comfort and safety, reducing all forms of defensiveness and heightens  mutual understanding.

There is no doubt that listening leads to good communication, and good communication brings about a more loving and successful relationship.

To be a good listener you should embrace the following;


To truly listen to someone, you should demonstrate a high percentage of eye contact, remove or neglect all forms of distractions such as your cell phones, books, and the T.V.

Ask Questions

To convince your partner that you are truly listening, you should ask related questions at intervals during the communication.

Show Interest

Even if the discussion does not interest you, this is a time to become selfless so try to show interest.

Be Patient

Listening requires a great deal of patience. At times, you need to be quiet and allow the other person to buttress their point. Avoid intervening in the middle of the conversation.

The Benefits of Good Listening Skills

  • It helps reducing stress
  • It increases a sense of value in your partner
  • It promotes trust
  • It connects two different people

When we listen, we make the person feel better and more relieved, like an emotional burden is lifted. It builds comfort and safety, reducing all forms of defensiveness and increasing clarity. This is very important to create an exciting cuddling experience. Listening leads to good communication, and when a good communication is established, a more loving and successful relationship. It’s an amazing experience to feel important, getting your partner undivided attention, this makes us more open to love.

As Cuddle Buddies and very importantly for Cuddle Professional, this is an art one should build to help each other!

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